Monday, June 9, 2008

Rhythmic Review: Jennie Laws - Introducing Jennie Laws

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Hailing from Toronto Canada, Jennie Laws is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, song-writer and composer. On her debut EP, Introducing Jennie Laws, she tickles the pallets of music lovers that are hungry for live instrumentation, delectable melodies and lyrics that relate to a wide variety of emotions.

Laws' lyrical gifts are evident on the song "You Choose," a song about taking control of the state of your life and being in a rut solely because you choose to be there, boasting on the chorus "That's how you choose to don't want to be happy." Yes, the girls gifted with the pen.

Elsewhere on the Ep, Jennie shines vocally and showcases her amazing guitar skills on the personal favorite "I Just Wanna Be Close To You." The synth touched tune is reminiscent of any Neo-soul classic of the 90's (yanno, when it was cool to say Neo-soul) with a subtle conga to add a slight taste of Teena Marie into the mix to provide a head nodding groove to the beautiful track.

The EP's bonus track "I'm Falling" is probably the most daring, yet simple track out of the bunch. Sounding like it could have been recorded by Stevie Wonder during the Songs in the Key of Life sessions, Jennie manages to take a sound thats incredibly familiar and make it completely recognizable as being original and even better, hers. The overall sound of this album can't really be pegged since it effortlessly tiptoes across multiple genres and touches on various flavors that can only be categorized as jazz/soul/acoustic hybrids.

An EP, short for Extended Play, is a record that isn't typically long enough (usually 10 to 20 minutes long) to be considered a full blown LP, an album 30 to 80 minutes long. Jessie Laws manages to accomplish what many albums seldom do, in half the time, and that's capturing an audience, representing who she is, and doing it all with a strong sound that could easily overpower and overshadow her soft and sincere vocals, but it doesn't. Instead, each compliments the other because organically Jennie doesn't do anything that stretches or takes her out of her comfort zone, which is broad and wide enough as it is, since after all...She did Write, Produce and compose EVERY track on the album. If that isn't a BIG introduction, I dont know what is.

I give Introducing Jennie Laws a B


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Tha Connoisseur said...

Hey bro! I come to you from way of Tdot. Funny you wrote this about miss J, she is serious up here. I hae been around to hear her do her thing a few times and she is very talented and cool people too. Her and her guitar are one! I will most def have to get my hands on that! : )