Friday, August 15, 2008

Rhythmic Artist of the Month

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND IM BACK! I know i should have yanno...said i was GOING somewhere...but it totally wasnt my intentions to be M.I.A. for over 2 weeks...OOPSIES! along with work and school, ya boys been BUSY....gotta make them coins now! I gots BILLS shoooooo, commenting on how wack an album is (i see u Usher) can only get me so far..... but I am back none the less! I know you derranged lambs are glad that u have purpose yet again and can leave ridiculous comments about how much I suck, and to those that actually READ my words, I just wanna thank you guys that have checked back periodically and hit me up wondering where the hell i've been, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside....but onto the matter at hand!

The Artist of the month!!!!!!! For this months choice, I went with Jamie Lidell, an artist that ive only known about for a few months, an artist one of you guys actually put me up on him (thanks Sarah Tone In!!!).

born September 18, 1973 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England) is a musician and soul singer. He also has a group with Cristian Vogel called Super Collider.

Lidell is known for layering tracks made with his voice into a microphones, performing the percussion and melody as a sequenced beatboxing one-man band. Then over his augmented voices, he sings soul-inspired songs.

What initially struck my fancy about Lidell was his AMAZING voice and style of music, which is very reminiscent of Jamiroquai at their funkiest. His song "figured my out" has became one of my favorite and is featured off of his latest album JIM, which is amazing, was released earlier this year to great reviews.

Check out Jamie on His MYSPACE to listen to a few more of his tracks, but remember where u heard about him first...HOLLA!

Figured Me Out - Jamie Lidell

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