Friday, February 29, 2008

New Gnarls Video

I absolutely love it, nothing could have really made me love the song anymore or any less because i think its pretty genius..BUT...i totally could have done without the Justin Timberlake if he needed anything else to make him more of a hes REALLY gonna think hes all deep and cutting edge..

New Cheri Dennis Photoshoot

The lovely people over at 2R's Entertainment has sent me a lovely behind the scenes clip of Cheri Dennis on the set of her new photo shoot for BLEU Magazine. She looks gorgeous and her album is actually pretty good, its such ashame yanno..diddy doesnt give a shit..BUT This issue drops on the stands the second week of March with Jaslene Gonzalez of Top Model fame gracing the cover, so take a look see below

and if your wondering WTH is a bleu magazine?...welp here u go...

About The BLEU Magazine
"A quarterly magazine focused on delivering to the world a new representation of urban-gay culture. BLEU is a dynamic team of people. We’re in the music industry, fashion, television and publishing business. And of course a few assorted misfits who spend rent money on designer clothes and never wait behind velvet ropes. BLEU is a variety of things and types of people, all of whom are absolutely fabulous!"



Hey everybody, i just wanted to thank ALL OF YOU that took the time out to send me all the love on my birthday!!!!! through text, phone calls, emails, messages, ims... appreciated it ALL very MUCH...i wrapped myself in all the love like a blanket and kept myself warm through the night!! lol...i keed i keed..the vodka did that....but again I THANK YOU!

New Estelle...

Heres the new video from Estelle, The uk talent recently signed to John Legends record label...I never really stunted her or the song to tell u the truth, but once i seen the video it kind of made me give it a second listen and go figure..i love it...u can check out the video and spot cameos from Miss legend himself, kanye and Terrence from 106 n park (who interrupted him working the crafts stand on set? now yall kno workin for BET make niggas take side jobs!)...anyhoo, im loving the video and the song has grown on me alot...just thought id share it with u guys...SHARING IS CARING!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Better late than never yall...But for this week i decided to roll with a song thats been back in my heavy rotation lately...its Diana Ross' "Top of the World"...ive ALWAYS loved this track...from the laid back breathy vocals to the strings, its definately a diana fav in my book.. Enjoy you guys

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coincidence?...I THINK NOT!

Its been a minute since i did one of these, so i figured why the hell not...

Not a good look Janet..not a good look at all...and Tanisha? ehhh love the barret?

POP OFF janet, POP OFF!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My 2 Cents on Beyonce playing Etta...

Ok, ive been asked a few times whats my opinion on beyonce landing the role of Etta in an upcoming movie (not because im the all knowing, they just know i always have shit to say about shit lol) Ive shared it a few times but i figured id throw my opinion out to u guys cuzz words matter heres what I said to my bestfriend when she asked a few minutes ago...

SunShineCali760 (9:31:04 PM): do u think that beyonce is the right person to portray etta james
RhythmicSoul05 (9:31:11 PM): nope
RhythmicSoul05 (9:32:15 PM): i think etta has everything beyonce doesnt...sass, character and an all around personality..i think it will be a BIG stretch for beyonce...playing deena wasnt and thats why she shined a bit..i think this role will either prove her as an actress or just a bitch that got lucky
SunShineCali760 (9:32:44 PM): lol yea
SunShineCali760 (9:32:56 PM): but isnt etta a big gurl
RhythmicSoul05 (9:33:18 PM): chile yes...that will be interesting to see too
SunShineCali760 (9:38:20 PM): who would u want to play her if u had your pic
SunShineCali760 (9:38:41 PM): i think no name people do better in roles like that
RhythmicSoul05 (9:39:03 PM): i agree, no one i can think of like to see a no name really come out and shine
SunShineCali760 (9:40:36 PM): yea cause people are going to have to much hope ridin on bee and i dont think its going to do as well if it had a big fat greasy black women that nobody knows and thats not fair to etta
RhythmicSoul05 (9:42:36 PM): yea..and plus when u have such FAMOUS people acting..the audience doesnt see past that celebrity playing the roll, especially when theyre playing someone who was/is equally famous or a legend...when we looked at beyonce in dreamgirls we seen deena jones because we didnt really kno who deena was, not many people went into the film expecting her to become SHERYL LEE RALPH as deena jones yanno..but with this upcoming project when we look at beyonce we will WANT to see etta, because after all thats whos shes portraying but we wont, were gonna see beyonce because we already have a reference in our mind as to who etta is and i dont think beyonce has the acting talents to transform into someone else and make us see that on the screen
SunShineCali760 (9:43:35 PM): yea
*P.S...janet review will be up tomorrow...erykahs, need a few more listens so give me a minute

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Igganunt Convo of the day...

BaNwT829 (12:52:19 AM): que tu doi partir = that you must leave
RhythmicSoul05 (12:52:41 AM): oh..u just think ur a cute lil bilingual bitch arent u
BaNwT829 (12:54:23 AM): it feels so good to be finally understanding it
BaNwT829 (1:01:31 AM): i cant wait until i really learn
RhythmicSoul05 (1:01:40 AM): baron whats wednesday?
BaNwT829 (1:01:49 AM): and i go to paris and all the french boys fall in love with me
BaNwT829 (1:01:54 AM): because im from american
BaNwT829 (1:02:08 AM): and i just say eat ur damn hearts OUT!!!!!!!!!
BaNwT829 (1:02:22 AM): i dont date people who eat snails and frog legs
BaNwT829 (1:02:53 AM): and then i meet carine
BaNwT829 (1:03:05 AM): and we fall in love and have 2 daughters and then a son
RhythmicSoul05 (1:03:33 AM): wednesday, whats so special about that day?
BaNwT829 (1:03:39 AM): wed is the 27th
RhythmicSoul05 (1:03:47 AM): AND WHAT DAY IS THAT MUTHAFUCKA!?!?!
BaNwT829 (1:04:05 AM): ur bday fool
RhythmicSoul05 (1:04:16 AM): is isnt it :-)
BaNwT829 (1:04:43 AM): nigga u aint the only one with a bday
RhythmicSoul05 (1:05:04 AM): but im the only one u needa care about!
RhythmicSoul05 (1:05:05 AM): NIGGA

in the immortal words of miss MaryJ Blige....FRIENDSSSSSSSSSS HOW MANY OF US HAVE THEM?!?!? I DONT THINK WE REALLY NEED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Janet is MTVs Artist of the Week

Looks like the people over at Island Def Jam got their heads out of Mariahs snatch for 2 minutes to throw some coins Janet's way...With the upcoming release of Discipline only days away, its time to get the promotion engine in gear...Janet will be hitting up Good Morning America and Then TRL..Yes Janet is BACK on MTV and its not even after 1am! times are a changing for Miss Jackson..hopefully the sales will reflect the change too. Not only will she be on TRL but starting monday she will also be the MTVs Artst of the Week. She joins artist like Alicia Keys, Kenna, MIA, Lupe Fiasco and others...basically starting monday she will have a bunch of weird ass commercials running during the credits of the RealWorld/RoadRule challenges...BUT ive got my hands on one of the commercials, and its quite HILLARIOUS....Check it out

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Genius LOVES company

now i MUST thank my beautiful sister in fierceness MO for droppin this gem on me, I knew Amy was performing but i didnt kno it would be with the GENIUS Mark Ronson, with Adele at that!...I absolutely love Adele and Amy, and Mark is on my Raphael Saadiq level of genius producers for me...Now check out this performance from the Brit Awards featuring these 3 along with Daniel Merriweather (yes thats his name, yall) ofcourse there were other performances and winners and stuff but yanno...who cares

and how GOOD does amy look? im SOOO happy for her

Janet Covers VIBE

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Janet is gracing the cover of April's issue of VIBE magazine and is looking absolutely gorgeous, sloppy homeless woman weave and all. Apperently they couldnt get enough of Miss Jackson over there at vibe because they gave her 2 covers...the second one I could totally live without, yea yea theyre playing off of her brothers Off the Wall album, cute..but tired...dont get me wrong, she looks gorgeous but ehhhh...yea! shes Michael's sister...we get it!!! and where in the fuck did the suit come from? how random...Anyhoo, Discipline drops this Tuesday on the 26th...GO SUPPORT IT! my review for the album will be up, yanno...eventually *shrugs*

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fierceness Of the Day

Start your week in a Bright way with this throwback...

Sybil - Dont Make me Over

Preview "New Amerykah Part One"

Right now, u all can mosey on over to and listen to 30 second clips of every track from the upcoming Erykah Badu album New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) which is scheduled to drop next Tuesday (Feb 26)..ahem..the day before my birthday...but anyhoo...Click Here to go straight to the page and get ur ear waiting for the entire album to give my 2 cents in the Rhythmic Review, so untill then..enjoy

Saturday, February 16, 2008

About Damn time...

About damn time this bitch takes a picture thats actually Fierce, because if u ask me she hasnt since the 90s...Those pictures she takes weekly on Top model are laughable at best....I absolutely love these pics and i think she looks amazing, mostly because she doesnt even look like more airbrushing my ass!... That shit sounded cute for a minute didnt it Tyra? Miss Tyra is gracing the cover of this Months Entertainment Weekly and doing a damn good job if i say so myself...The new season of top model starts This Wednesday on the CW.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yea...its been one of them days, yall...

Oh, February I anticipate thee

Yea i kno..its been a clip heavy day...its kinda hard when ur DRINKING AWAY THE SORROW!...oh well...*shrugs*

Noah's Arc movie scheduled to set sail this year...

To soften the blow of the news that Noahs arc was being cancelled, the fans were told that an upcoming movie was in the works! we just didnt and why...but now it seems like things are coming together and everythings a go! so I Galivanted on over to AfterElton and Heres whats goin down...

"The film's working title is Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom (I guess a shark was too dangerous?) and we're told it is a wedding-themed film (they won't tell us whose wedding...) that will pick up where the series left off at the cliffhanger season finale. Production begins in March and newly-out lead Darryl Stephens (Noah), Doug Spearman (Chance), Rodney Chester (Alex) and Christian Vincent (Ricky) are set to return, with other casting to be announced soon. "

Throwback Thursday

Hey guys, I figured since I lagged last week with throwie thursday (thanks mo) that this week i'll give u 2 for the price of 1!!!! With both of these legends gracing the grammy stage last Sunday, and the mini drama that took place afterwards, I figured what 2 better artist could I choose other than Miss Aretha Franklin, the QUEEN of soul and Miss Tina Turner, the QUEEN of rock&roll?

Both of these songs happen to be my personal favorites of Tina and Arethas...First up we have "Call me" by the 20 time Grammy award winner Aretha Franklin and the song comes from her 1970's album This Girl's inlove With You. Next we got the 8 time grammy award winning Tina with "River Deep, Mountain High" which was released as a single in 1966 and produced by Phil Spector....I hope u all enjoy!!!

Aretha Franklin - Call Me

Tina Turner - River Deep, Mountain High

Fierceness of the Day

Since the Grammys were only 4 days ago and was still fresh in our minds, for good or bad reasons...i figured id post 2 of my FAVORITE performances that WOWED me, MOVED me and left me absolutely speechless from 2 of my favorite divas...No, not Amy and Kanye.....MARY AND CHRISTINA! they werent at sundays ceremony at all. These amazing performances come from LAST YEARS festivities...ahh yes lets reminisce...the year where the Dixie Chicks snatched shit up for talkin shit, Justin threw as much of a bitch fit for not winning album of the year as Kanye did (fuck both them niggas, Gnarls was ROBBED), Mary finally won 3 of her OWN grammys during the televised portion of the show and Christina proved that she had SOUL!....enjoy

Mary J. Blige - Be Without You/Stay With Me

Christina Aguilera - It's A Mans World

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines day, Yall...

I was gonna go into a long rant about how overhyped this day is but i decided to repress my lonely negro syndrome for another date...basically im just feelin too damn lazy...enjoy ur day lovebirds and for the rest of you, try not to drink urself to sleep while listenin to Amy Winehouse...Lord knows i have my fingers crossed

Dedicated to the One I Thug Love from jeff on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Just Sharing...

Start your HumpDay out nice with one of my favorite TLC tracks...the Neptunes produced "In Your Arms Tonight"...this is a slept on gem from the girls because it was on the VERY forgetabble 3D album. After the initial shock and sadness that many felt after the untimely death of Left-Eye, reality set in...the Remaining members still had an album to release and due to the fact that neither of them really had the spunk, charisma or real talent that Left Eye possessed, the album pretty much slid dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn the charts...why this song was never released as a single still boggles my mind...this is classic Neptunes production, when they were in their PRIME production wise...yanno before Pharrell started to do whatever the hell he wanted behind the mixing board and just put the neptune stamp on it.....enjoy

Me Likey....

Really Doe - Magnetic Power

Get Your Own Player!

Im in love with the Jennifer Hudson sample...Now clicky clicky to head over to Nah Right to find out who the hell this is.

So Delicious it MUST be pun intended, Aretha

So! according to BlackVoices, Aretha "No, seriously, More gravy!!!" Franklin was NOT feeling the love from Beyonce grammy night. ReRe was quoted as saying:

"I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyoncé, however I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy. In addition to that, I thank the Grammy's and the voting academy for my 20th Grammy and love to Beyoncé anyway."

GET HA RERE! GET HA!...This quote from Aretha stems from Beyonce calling Tina Turner "The Queen" during their performance sunday night, a title thats rightfully been attatched to Aretha for DECADES...but all jokes aside, im sure Beyonce meant NOTHING by it what so order for her to have meant something, actual thought would've had to go into it, and we ALL kno that just aint happenin from the Bedazzled one anytime soon...the girl barely knows what day it is let alone being able to throw shade at anyone, let alone the Queen of Soul...hell, can she even throw shade at a wall in the middle of the day? My guess is she was just probably saying what was wrote for her...after yanno...reading it a few hundred times

New Mariah!!!!!!!!! + My 2 cents, ofcourse

Not only has the first single from Mariahs upcoming album debut today, but also the NEW album title and release date...Christmas came early this year for u Lambs out there....According to Mariah's Official site, the new album will be titled E=MC² and drop April 15. For you that havent heard the new track "Touch My Body" yall can mosey on over to i woulda posted the song myself, but ehhhh I SHANT be victimized!...shoooooo...

My thoughts on the song? I think its really cute..nothing new, nothing special, EXTREMLY safe... A very safe track thats sure to impact radio in a BIG way...u can just tell when a song is MEANT for radio (todays radio atleast), the melodies are simple, the lyrics are on an almost remedial level and the singer usually tames his or her voice down to a none threatening whisper, unless ur Rihanna and yanno...thats considered straining and pushing urself, but anyhoo...For some reason I expected the song to be a club banging uptempo track, why im not sure....

Im keeping hope alive that Mariah will have some type of challenging and fresh material on her album this time around..shes been dabbling with the same formula for over a decade hoping it works, and we all know sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't....but before u lambs start hissing and getting that "WHAT THE HELL DO U KNO, MIMI GETTIN MONEY AND U JUST HATIN!!!" email all typed up and ready to send...i LIKE THE SONG! i repeat...i LIKE THE SONG!...i just want more from one of my favorite artist thats all *shrugs*...and i KNO Mariah's never been a Lauryn Hill or Amy Winehouse with the pen and pad...but "If Its a Camera up in here, then I best not find this on youtube"????

Monday, February 11, 2008

...Too Much Like Right

To let Amy sweep all 6 of the awards she was nominated for (she won 5) would have made entirely too much sense...a genius album winning awards that it ACTUALLY deserves???? that hasnt been heard of since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Letting Amy, a heavily SOUL influenced artist, sweep ALL the major awards would have been entirely too much like right

The award show this year was an overall joke and one anticlimactic performance after another. Unlike other award ceremonies in the past, im not going to give a blow by blow of this shit, i wasted enough hours of my life watching it, i refuse to waste 1 more putting together a indepth post about it...I SHANT BE VICTIMIZED! So here are a few of my favorite moments...and I say few because these are the only things I actually remember lol

Performance Of the Night:
Kanye West

At first I was a bit lost, even with the help of Daft Punk I didnt get the real point of the first half of his performance...yea he wore glasses that lit up, who gives a hot hell? but it wasnt untill the second half after all the smoke and unecessary shit left the stage was when he touched the ol corazon. The Tribute to his mother was absolutely beautiful and touching, i loved he sung live and was backed by the strings...proving that Kanye is at his best when hes not being KANYE!...genius...His acceptance speech, altho started out nice, the comment made towards Common all reminded us of the ass he could be at times... letting us all forget that for just one moment would have been too much like right.

Acceptance Speech Of the Night:
Amy Winehouse

She deserved an award for thanking RayRay n' dem and giving a shout out to her man in jail was it just me or thanks to Amys acceptance speech and the gospel tribute, the Grammys were a bit BETish this year? Regardless of the year Amy has experienced regarding her personal life, her music is undeniably amazing and something completely new while being vintage and classic at the same time. I commend the academy on seeing this and giving this broad 5 out of 6 grammys, and in a perfect world i'd like to think her personal issues had nothing to do with her wins but i also kno the publicity certainly didnt hurt. I don't think her wins come off as a reward for a person doing bad things, just as a reward for raw and brilliant SUCK IT Natalie Cole...Miss Cole was interviewed for FOX 11 News and took the opportunity to let it be known that she didnt think Amy "Deserved" any of her awards she won saying "I Dont think Bad Behavior Should be Rewarded"....talkin greasy is so much easier when u can ignore your OWN past isnt it? or did all the drugs and trips to pawnshops make u forget?

The rest of the night for me is a big blur, a big BORING blur of missmatched pairings, unthought out performances and random ass presenters, solange anyone? I think for the most part the winners this year was on point, ALTHOUGH I think Jill was robbed (Although she picked up one with Lupe Fiasco for "DayDream"). "No One" is a cute song but the fact that Alicia sounds like shes being punished in a sex dungeon while singing it should have said something and hendered her chances at winning, but i guess when Lucifer Clive Davis is your boss, anything can happen. I loved how motha Prince sprinted onstage to present the award to Alicia, im mad he was the prettiest girl there.

One of the most shady moments of the show for me was when Rihanna won the "Apex song of your career, seriously bitch appreciate it cuzz you'll never have another hit like this" award...i keed i keed...she won best for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with Jay for Umbrella...well miss Rihanna strutted past Beyonce, snatched jay and galivanted on stage like it was nothin, yall..i love every minute of it! it was so delicious it HAD to be fattening!!

Im sure all that shade Ri was throwin cooled down the entire staples center yesterday. LA was a good 80 degrees shoooo, half the room and their edges need to thank Rihanna shooooo....

And while were on the Bedazzled one, I wasnt at all blown away by the Performance she did with Tina...u can tell nerves got the best of her while being 125 years old got the best of Tina...But i do commend Tina for yanno, not only being a legend but not having an ego that many divas would have when it comes to performing with someone half their age and in their prime...

Thats enough about the shit i could careless about, lets get to the winners! Congrats to them all...and Tpain too, I guess...

Click Here to head over to MTV so u can get a rundown of all the winners...

Final Question:
Now seriously...whos penis do u think is bigger out of these 2?? thats a hard one...But I think I know Whos Willing to take one for the team and find out...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Adele debuts at number 1 on U.K. charts

Thats right..RhythmicWord's favorite Adele has topped the album charts in the U.K. with her debut album 19...I swear, everythings SO MUCH fiercer over there..from the music to the people!(talent like Adele's would NEVER have debuted at number 1 here in America, hell she may not even be recognized over here untill her SECOND album...Feist anyone?)...Its good to kno that people SOMEWHERE get it. The GENIUS album has even led to Adele being awarded the BRIT award and the new Critic Choice honor...GET IT BITCH!

London-born singer-songwriter Adele's "19" has already led to a BRIT Award, the
new Critics' Choice honor, which she will receive at the Feb. 20 event at
London's Earls Court. The album's high debut also follows the success of her
first full single "Chasing Pavements," which spends a third week at No. 2. Her
previous limited edition single "Hometown Glory" has also just charted, landing
at No. 32 on download sales.

Click HERE to read MORE

Electability: The Ultimate Hustle

The Boys from The Real have graced us with another funny vid, this time it focuses around The importance tomorrow