Friday, August 31, 2007

Awww sookie sookie now!

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Move over kanye and 50, another girl fight is on deck!..MEOWWWWW!!!....An official release date for Britney Spears untitled album has been set for November 13th, the EXACT same day as Alicia Keys "As I Am" is scheduled to be released....My 2 cents on things? Alicia will come out on top with ATLEAST 200,000 over Britney...yesss britney has fans and blah blah blah....but her last 2 albums were a FAR CRY from the monumental success, and opening week, of her "Oops, i did it again" album, and ontop of that..the bish is this point in her career more people are focused on britney the trainwreck rather than britney the recording artist(or whatever the hell she considers herself)...and that equals magazine covers, NOT album sales.

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Celine Dion will be dropping her new album "Taking Chances" on November 13th aswell...ehhh atleast we kno whos gonna be holdin down the number 3 spot *shrugs*....

Hell since everybody is eyeing November 13th for their release date...i think imma cash in too! look forword to my debut album tentatively titled "PuppykissesKittenpaws: The Album. Love, Lies, and Lacefronts Vol. 1"....with special guest including Papoose, Remy Ma, atleast 1 dead rapper, the homeless guy that roams around the Arco Gas station, and CeCe Winans(cuzz we all need that 1 track for the lawd)... britney and alicia dont want none

Thursday, August 30, 2007

ANTMs Danielle Evans doin BIG....ehhh.... things

jesus be a new manager

Now supposedly this is for a Lane Bryant ad or something, im not sure how accurate that info is (i honestly dont feel like goin all columbo to see if its true or not either)..i doubt it is tho, Lane Bryant be havin some sassy shit now...but whatever its for, Bish still fierce...did u guys kno that she is the ONLY winner of americas next top model to have her contract renewed with Covergirl?...basically they said WOMP WOMP to all the other gals after the initial ad, thats always shot on the last episode of ANTM, ran...learn somethin new everyday


Jill servin it to u hoes
Now this is how i like my jill...served up fierce with a side of sass....this is an absolutely beautiful album cover, without her even trying..i love it....the delux edition is what I will be purchasing...LEGALLY! coppin her shit from the "cd man" infront of the donut shop!...take yall happy ass on to the virgin megastore, or where ever....pretend that beyonce is comin out with a brand new album!, cuzz u kno somewhere in the world her ass most likely is... Im still alil salty about the original album cover...when i see it all i hear is "IS YA, IS YA, IS YA HUNGRAY!?!...WHY YES IAM!" but still, Jill can do NO WRONG in my eyes...Now go mosey on over to Crunk N Disorderly to take a gander at the tracklisting for "The Real Thing"....droppin September 25th.....September 25th.....September 25th......September 25th....September 25th.....September 25th....ahem...TEAM JILL!!!!

Hot 100 Thursday

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Big Girls Dont Cry....but grown men do....

Fergie has further proved that America is at an all time wackness when it comes to music by climbing up to The number 1 spot on the billboard 100. This week she is followed by the bane of my existence, Souljah Boy, with the song that is sure to melt the brain cells of our youth "crank that". In better news, Kanye's "stronger" climbs up to the 3rd spot, which means im one step closer toward seeing 50 cent sling his future albums out the back of his la sabre on crenshaw and western...*crosses fingers* oh, from my mouth to God's ears


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup

Sorry about the lack of postage the last few days...but emm while Diddy was picking the future nobodies The Band and Michael Vick was finding the local animal shelter The Lord...I was turning in English papers (got an A btw, HOLLER!) and attending a Joss Stone concert (if u havent seen her live, GO!)...but heres a roundup of the goinz onz the past 3 days to catch all of my 2 1/2 MANY readers up!


Toni Braxton and her family will Definately be in my Prayers

Check out a New Kanye Song "Graduation" ft. everyones favorite white boy Chris Martin. (Concrete Loop)

Graduation>Curtis (Nah Right)

Columbia Records says NAHNAHNAHNAH NO! to releasing Amerie's new album anytime soon. (Toyas World)

Dmx continues to do dumb shit..aside from insisting on having a career (A Hot Mess)

I think its good Missy is doing somethin new thats yanno....not forced and pushed into our faces as "creative" and "ground breaking"...but im sure it will be, even tho its for some damn chips (The Fury)

Remedial Roy making it clear as to why i call him..Remedial Roy (Bossip)

Now pardon me while i go make a breakfast burrito, climb back into bed and NOT do my math homework...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Alicia Keys

Fierce Keys

So on my daily trip over to Toyas World i seen that Ms Keys is finally giving a sneak peak of her new look and her new track "No One"that shes HYPED UP for MONTHS now...honestly, the way the chile was carryin on u could swear up and down Jesus was on back up!....i absolutely adore the new promo pics, classy, tasteful and Alicia looks absolutely flawless in both of them...which only means her actual album cover will probably be her sitting on the toilet or some other dumb unflattering type shit that will be deemed as "deep"...but about the song...from the EXTREMELY small clip that she put out..i must admit im underwhelmed...i think from reading her blog and looking at the updates of the project she would post up, i was expecting somethin that would make me fall INLOVE with R&b music all over again, make me immediately fall inlove with it, the way "U Dont Kno My Name" did.... Ofcourse im still buying the album because i believe it will be hot....but this "No One" is not it...what do u guys think?

Alicia Keys - No One (30second Clip)"

When Producers Stop Givin a Damn...

wiIve always told myself, if i ever was to get a blog i would definately post about this....producers not giving a damn...this is a horrible epidemic and has recently became worse in the last 2 years or so. Symptoms of Producers not giving a damn usually occurs when a producer creates 1 MEDIOCRE beat and continuously recycles it 2 or even 3 times afterwards to other artist!... sadly enough the beat was never hot to begin with and adding a zing or boomcat boomcat never tends to help it, even with a new artist over the beat... But here are some cases of Producers Not Giving a Damn that popped into my head right off the bat....lets hope they get well from this sickness soon, because i shant be a victim..and i hear not givin a damn is contagious....

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Polow Da Don...

Here polow just thought..this beat is SOOOO hot he has to give it to as many bishes as humanly possible...when kelis originally had the beat i must admit, i liked it...but once he switched it up alil to throw at chilli, he realized that no one either heard, or gave a shit about chillis version, or chilli in general.... so he passed it to everyones favorite Badussy Cat Doll...Nicole Scherewtdgsdoinnaziginger...for shame polow...for shame

Take a Listen to them all for urself....
Nicole - Whatever U Like
Chili - Straight Jack Em
Kelis - Blind fold Me

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Bryan Michael Cox...

Now i never got this cat...when everyone was singin his praises and pissin the sheets over him i was feeling as if i were left out of the loop...Yes "Be without you" was an undeniable hit, BUT if it was anyone else other than mary can u say it would have had the same effect??...his productions do NOTHING for me..midtempo, ballad, or club just doesnt move me...but once i heard him REPEATEDLY use this piano driven beat for a Soul music icon, a nobody and Danity Lame i knew...he must be STOPPED...

Mary j blige - We Ride
Marques houston - Circles
Danity Kane - Ride For U

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Rich Harrison...

I use to be a BIG rich harrison fan, BEFORE he created the ass shaking phenomenom that was "Crazy In love"....ofcourse the song was something infectious that grew on you, if it didnt catch u from the first listen..but after that it seem like he found a sound that sold and he went CRAZY with it...i miss the versatility in his production...the man made the beat to "beautiful ones" by Mary J, and ALL the beats on one of the most under rated albums in R&b music..."All I have" by im not saying it went all downhill after crazy in love...but it just all seemed to sound like one big GoGo percussive mash up that would never end.. I kno producers can have a signature sound, but theres a difference between having a sound all your own and just regurgitating the same thing over and over with alil difference here and there....and sadly i think Rich has fallen into the latter category

Amerie - One Thing
Toni Braxton - Take This Ring
Missy Elliot - Cant Stop

Thats why when it comes to producers i stick with Raphael Saadiq(Genius), Wil.I.Am(when he doesnt cater to the Laguna Beach Crowd), and Salaam Remi(dont kno? u betta ask somebody)...all the other big names usually put out uninspired, typical, watered down songs that are generally forgettable...but what do u guys think? what are some of your favorite producers?? any producers u think i left out??? yes im aware that this may cause u guys to comment..i kno i kno...God forbid! *hisses @ yall*

Americas Next ForgottenTop Model

These arent the girls from flavor of love 3? coulda fooled me!
The world can rejoice, its TYRA TIME again! heres a sneak peek at the new snatches for this cycle of top model..they all look one elimination away from workin the counter at claire's if u ask me...nothin special at all...and not too sure about the lost in space meets ho stroll theme of this pic either...but thats the magic of tyra, she loves a blank canvas...and pastries..Oh how i do look forword to rich's recap over at FourFour

Click here for Individual Shots

that ebony looks like she up to no damn good

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Rock of love

Amy ALL fucked up

Or should i just say the rock? anyhoo... britian mess and STILL all around fierce bitch, Amy Winehouse and her husband decided to reinact the limo scene from "whats love got to do with it" yesterday....heres a snippet of what happened..

"The fight in the early hours of yesterday left 23-year-old Miss Winehouse with blood staining her pink ballet shoes and the knees of her jeans.
Purple bruises could be seen on the side of her neck and her knuckles were swollen.
But her 24-year-old husband appeared to have come off a lot worse - with cuts and scratches on both cheeks and around his neck. "

click here for full story

im sorry but LMAO! @ the picture of her ballerina slippers all fucked up...that should show her ass to put some real damn shoes on...stilettos dont stain like that girly!, getchu some fierceness in yo life amy...hell, and some stability while u at it

Mollywhopped...IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Aww Woo Woo Woo!

In sad sad news, Television Evangelist Juanita Bynum got ike'd the other night by her estranged husband in the parking lot of the Renaissance Concourse Hotel while i tell a joke every now and then, domestic violence is never a laughing matter..i pray juanita successfully recovers and makes it through this, because this too shall pass...HALLELUJAH HOLLABACK!

Click here for the full story

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Albums you NEED to know


Sri Laka rapper MIA brings the heat, complexity, and cultural bending sound that made me LOVE her debute album "Arular" is BACK with her Sophomore album "kala"... if u liked her debut album, you'll go ape shit for this..if u dont kno who the hell she is..than u should DEFINATELY take a listen to her ENTIRE album COMPLETELY FREE... at aol music by Clicking Here

favorite track: Bamboo Banga

why? the beat is ridiculous


Talib's best solo effort since 2002's "Quality"...nuff said, now go LISTEN NOW!
favorite track: "In The Mood" Ft. Kanye West and Roy Ayers
and yes, other albums came out this week...but they suck so shits to them

New Album Covers

Ok so im weird when it comes to album covers...they have a big impact on if i buy the actual album or not, depending on who the artist is ofcourse....but i lurked around the web and pulled together some covers of a few albums im looking forword to here ya go

Jill Scott - The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3
In Stores: September 25th 2007
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When i first seen the black and white promo picture for the "real thing" i thought "BEAUTIFUL! ARTSY! CREATIVE! FIERCE!"...but once i seen the official album cover i thought...huh?...i mean i love me some jill and she can do no wrong to me...but she has that "u gone eat yo co'nbread!?!?!??" look goin on in the eyes...not fierce jill...not fierce

Kanye West - Graduation
In Stores: September 11th 2007
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kanye is so gay i bet he shits glitter...this album cover is fagulous and i love it..colorful, vibrant and definately FUN...i give it 2 thumbs up

Angie Stone - The Art of Love and War
In Stores: October 16th 2007
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this is wat i like to see..growth musically AND the hotcomb IS your friend

Keyshia Cole - Just Like You
In Stores: September 25th 2007
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girl u KNO u wrong...if lena could barely pull this off , what in the colt 45 hell made keyshia think she could? now she KNO she needa ass whoopin ...album covers like this are meant for DEEP singers....or just ugly ones...and keyshias a pretty girl!..and although"let it go" does enduce a finger snap and a weave toss every now and is not deep

Close but NO cigar

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Madonna ft. Pharrell - The Beat Goes On

So when i heard, months ago, that madonna's upcoming album was gonna have more of an R&B urban feel to it, i went ape shit...shes dabbled with the genre for decades (take a bow anyone?)and i thought shes now gonna give it the love and shine it deserves....but once i heard she was in the lab with Timbaland and Pharrell...i became alil...bothered...shit can go EITHER way with those 2...timbaland has proved in the past everything he touches ISNT gold (brandys album wasnt really an afrodisiac for me, and i think LL was the only person who bought that album with headsprung on it, i dont even remember the name of the album)...and well, pharrells been makin the same beats since 99...but once i heard pretty much let me know one thing....DONT set ur hopes too high...overall the songs underwhelming and brings NOTHING NEW to the scene at all....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Whos the top and whos the bottom?

Who's Zoomin Who?
So while taking a walk down the blog stroll today, i came across JJ's Blog... A former hollywood publicist turned blogger, who just doesnt give a shit...hes namin names of whos gay, bi and lesbian in hollywood, that HE knows of....a big majority of the list is pretty much, DUH and the other half we already Rosie O'Donald...but its still worth a good glimpse and a giggle anyway...

The Real Strikes Again

If u liked the Rkelly behind the piss post, then u will appreciate This funny approach, taken by the same comedic geniuses, to show the back and forth bitch banter between 50 and kanye..a definate must see...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Im just sayin...
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He tryna put u to bed..bed..bed....

yea im an ass

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup

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SMDH, he shoulda stayed bein ashanti's main groomer instead of comin back with this shit hea... [Rap-Up]

Nicole S. Soundin A Hot Mess... [A Hot Mess]

New pics of Alicia Looking quite stunning, while in Paris, previewing her new album [Toyas World]

Kanye Breaks out the LV Duffle bag and bust out 2 new songs to preview on bbc radio [Concrete Loop]

I cant wait for the indepth tell all book about this shitthats SURE to follow [The Fury]

Who knew a box of TCB could mean so much... [Bossip]

Thursday, August 16, 2007

If it Walks like a duck, Quacks like a duck, and Vogues like a duck... its a Gay duck

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Lil Fizz recently wasted his time by trying to put the good word out there about his free time on his hand..."career"... and upcoming plans....he sat down with Chicagos Power 92 radio station and was asked FLAT OUT if Raz B is gay or not...u can tell he was alil taken back by the flat out question...but thats what i like, no pussyfootin around!...QQN @ funk master flex...but anyway, miss thang basically said it without saying it..that razalicious is definately what what'n it in the butt... must feel good that media take out has outed someone and FINALLY has proof...bless their hearts over there, cuzz let them tell it EVERYONES gay..hell even the guy that asked me for change at the stop light today ...

and yes, i kno im wrong for pickin that brokeback mountainish pic up above...but theyre even more wrong for reinacting the movie scene for scene so *shrugs*

Source: Media Take Out

Jennifer passes on makin people shake their asses

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Word on the blog street is that in the latest issue of "Fashion Rocks" magazine, Jennifer hudson was quoted as saying this about her new album...

"It's not hip-hop," she says firmly. "Let's just say that. I don't have anything against it, but it's not the music that I like to sing. There’s some pop in there, and some R&B-soul, but," she pauses for emphasis, "not hip-hop."

that lil snippet from the magazine is already making people piss the sheets...hell its HER album and if she doesn't wany young jeezy in the background yellin YEAHHHHHHHHHH then its her choice... personally i cant say i blame her..half the niggas in the game now SUCK any damn way..maybe shes actually tryna make music that will stand the test of time, instead of being just some banger of the moment that will be forgotten in a month or 2, which is pretty much the state of hiphop at the moment, (how U durin jim jones?!?!) on that note jennifer, i say SING! sing ur little heart out if Clive davis is hiding the last cup of gravy from u and holding it ransom unless u hit an earth shattering note!!!!

A look Behind the Piss

The funny people over at The Real has taken us behind the scenes of the top secret round table behind the Rkelly writing process....funny stuff...lmao @ a durango

Make sure u check out their blog and take a gander at some of the other funny clips.. The Lloyd Banks Retirement Party is my personal favorite...and dont feel bad guys, i thought he was retiring too...not like hes doing anything else :-/

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Billboard 200 Wednesday

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"After a five-year absence from The Billboard 200, UGK returns to the tally in a big way as "Underground Kingz" debuts at No. 1. The hip-hop troupe's first chart-topper, the Jive set moved 160,000 copies in the United States"

congrats to ugk, definately well deserved and long overdue..but check out the number 2 spot..plies came in selling ONLY 96,000...great for him, but not so great that an album selling less than 100,000 can debute at the number 2 hoping the BIG fall line up can put some life back into the charts, shits been DEAD for months...

source: []

New Music

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Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well

Yes gotdammit, im a Jlo fan...get over it...this song "Do it well" is from her new album "Brave" set to drop October 9th. Im LOVING this track, definately the uptempo, high paced song thats pretty much been lacking all summer...yea snappin and pop lockin all around the damn place is great, but i miss DANCING...and this is definately a track that will make u wanna get UP..although i prefer her other song "Hold It Dont Drop It", which is set to be released to POP outlets while "Do it well" is set for urban, Do it well is still a banger none the less...

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Nicole Scherzinger - Super Villian

Nicole Scherretrtinropndfgzinger is back with what is rumored to be her second diggin this one, its fun and light.. clearly nicole wont be on some amy winehouse, lauryn hill type im taking it for what it is..FUN..its a pop sound that i think suits her voice incredibly..but if she wants me to buy her album..imma need her to come with somethin along the lines of "buttons" ...i fucks with buttons

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Jay-Z - Dig A Hole

Lastly we have Jigga man, and no this isnt necessarily a new track, just a twist on what we all may have heard...This track was originally released on the Kingdom Come album, BUT with production from Swizz Beats...this is the version produced by Just Blaze and was originally suppose to make it onto the album, but i guess jay wanted to take the song in another direction so he rolled with i dig this version, actually abit more than swizz's..BUT..once it goes into the chorus and all that extra transformer shit comes on, its kind of an i can understand why jay may have wanted to do something abit more...serious

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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Sassy import, and all around fierce bish Amy Crackhouse Winehouse Admits shes coked up with alil heroin twitch on the side, along with her husband...She later admits that hell is hot, the number 2 comes after the number 1, and that we all need oxygen to survive...DUHHH! we didnt need her to comfirm that she was on anything to kno!..the bitch released a CLASSIC album, doesnt that mean shes either crazy or doped up by default? and ontop of all that she looks like somethin u ran over in the middle of the street that doesnt get picked up till a week later...Love her tho *nods*

"Jazz diva Amy's drink and drug problems came to a head on Wednesday when she collapsed following a three-day bender with 25-year-old Blake.
Amy, 23, was taken to hospital in the early hours after taking a cocktail of heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, the horse tranquilliser ketamine and booze."

well damn Amy, is it that bad girl? if it is, just do what i do...getchu alil boonesfarm, alot of vodka, and take u a nice'll wake up feeling grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! with a nice lil koolaid moustache! dont ever say ive never dropped any advice on this blog


How GOOD does this look?

So im sure u all read awhile ago how Janet Jackson was gonna be in the tyler perry movie "why did i get married" along with Jill scott and a bunch of other folks...well heres the trailer..and i must say it looks GOOD, not just because yanno im a jill scott stan FAN....but because it actually looks GOOD, entertaining and it may have a few funny moments in it...which automatically makes it better than daddys little girls right?...but i cant wait to see it...looks like tyler perry has a chance with succeeding in movies without the Madea character afterall...Cuzz lord knows he hasnt struck gold since Family Reunion..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fall Music Preview

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting did a nifty lil breakdown
of the fall music line up, looking at all the major release dates down into the 3 categories..the heavy weights, the middle weights and the contenders...ofcourse dates are liable to change and some artists will release mediocre first singles that will require pushbacks...*QQN @ mya*...but for the most part im REALLY Looking forword to some of the artist to come, and slowly saying a prayer for tolerance and understanding for others.....heres my 2 cents on some artist that are scheduled to release in the coming months...

Swizz Beatz - August 21.....ehhh no

M.I.A. - August 21 DTP Compilation - August 28....HOLLER

Chris Brown - August 28...i'll pass on remedial roy's sophmore effort

Yung Joc - August 28 if

Akon (Konvicted Repackaged) - August 28...why the anti-christ of music insist on assaulting ears drums everywhere, im not sure why

Yung Berg - September rrrrright

50 Cent - September 11...what what, in the butt?

Kanye West - September 11...dropping on the same day as 50 are we? lemme set a nice chunk of my financial aid check aside to buy as MANY copies as possible

Eve - September running straight to the store! cop a blank cd so i can burn this one

Keyshia Cole - September 18...^^^^^ ditto

Nelly - September 18...seeing how theres NO single, NO nelly and NO overproduced neptune beat blasting on the guessing this is definately a push back

Mya - September 18...who?

Chamillionaire - September 18...i pass

Twista - September 18...nope nope

Jill Scott - September 25...will be standing in line with bells on! - September 25...his first single is horrible dissapointing, considering ive LOVED all his production on other records this past untill he embraces the SOUL and leaves the laguna beach sound alone, he gets no love from me...

Trina - September 25...wont be buying this only if trina got a dollar everytime she heard that when she use to strip


Ashanti - October

Erykah Badu - October 23..about GOTDAMN TIME!

Nicole Scherzinger - October 30...still on the fence about this one

Alicia Keys - November 6...eagerly anticipating the first single!!!!!!

Mariah Carey - November 20...HELL YEA!...but to be honest im alil scared..she either hit or hoping its another HIT, because my heart and her waistline cant afford another miss

(the list, curtosy of

Its hard to see the sunshine through the rain...and the smoke cloud

Whitney Houston performs "Count on me" with Cece Winans from the waiting to exhale soundtrack at the 2007 Sisters Conference...remember the soundtrack? i still own it and play it occasionally lol....but its good seeing Whitney put a mic up to her mouth again...yanno apposed to a pipe...i hope the comeback album is coming along nicely, aslong as clive is behind it im sure it will be, unless his contract with satan has expired

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup

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Angie Stone, Come Collect your ex..he's in need of a hug and a diet plan (Bossip)

Beautiful black women on the cover of EBONY (concreteloop)

Note to self, buy 10 copies of "Graduation" (Hip and Pop)

Tommy Hilfiger doesn't hate black people, atleast not when hes sitting across from one (Juiicy Scoop)

Nicole Scherezweofnfozsotoeger gives a sneak peek of her new video, too bad her last name couldnt be as short as the clip (Toyas World)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wheres the Soul?

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I was originally gonna call this post "where the divas at?" focusing on the female neoSOUL singers that have pushed out genius, solid, and sometimes CLASSIC (mamas gun anyone?) efforts over the past few years and have just...laid low for more than a minute...But then i started to think about the fellas..WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?? while lauryn is publicly making an ass of herself and erykah is taking 4346565 years to work on an album, that im sure will have 5 tracks on it. No word from the Bilals, Maxwells, Dweles and D'angelos....

Why is it that in a world where rihanna can release an album everytime she decides she wants to do jay-z's laundry she can, but if an artist with substance, a voice and oh yea..TALENT wants to..its like pulling teeth? im honestly not sure..could it be the fact that the artist is praised SO MUCH that they become full of themselves and feel like releasing another album would be SOOO brilliant and SOOO influential it would mark the return of Christ? (lauryn it aint that serious boo, come back)...OR the artist go back into the studio thinking that they can be TRUE artist and make music without gimmicks and their record label reminds them that, without a gimmick or sellin sex, they will continue to go double plexyglass on the charts? and there for DROPS them? (its ok res, ur still the bees knees to me!)...again, im not exactly sure...OR! OR! OR!!!... wack artist of today feel they CONSTANTLY need to prove themselves as SERIOUS artist that they MUST release an album every season?....whatever the case may be, i wish the SOUL would make a triumphant COMEBACK..not saying it ever left, with great artist like; Lina, Angie Stone, Anthony Hamilton, India Arie, Rhian Benson, Donnie and Amel Larriuex holdin us down...but i MISS back when everything was new and neoSOUL artist were getting the props they deserved..ofcourse there was the typical grammy snub...india and jill were done WRONG, and whom-intheFUCK-ever thinks that Beyonces "dangerously inlove" was a better R&b album (or good for that matter)than "comin from where im from" by Anthony Hamilton can lick a stove burner!..smh now i just got myself all worked pardon me while i go sip a capri sun, watch my buffy the vampire slayer dvd and goto my happy place....

The REAL Thing

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In a world full of strategically placed lacefronts, overly manufactored personas (good girl gone bad my ass), and a bunch of other wack shit..JILL SCOTT is the REAL thing...i seriously consider her first album "Who is Jill Scott: Words and Sounds Vol. 1" a CLASSIC (and not just in black music but in music in general) her third album "The Real Thing" drops next month on the 25th...on her myspace page she has 4 new tracks up! who in the hell does that u ask?!...people not tryna trick u into buying their album for a hot first single and then the remainder of the album bein filled with bullshit..*QQN @ mya* yea i see u definately check out jills myspace and her love..and DONT HATE

check out jills brand new video from her first single "Hate On Me" from her Upcoming album "The Real Thing" in stores Sep 25th

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shequida Will be YOUR Naughty Girl

sheer id pay to go see shequida instead of payin to see beyonce do a tuck and roll down a flight of stairs

Hot 100 Thursday

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"A week after soaring 23-1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" begins a second week in the top spot on the chart. The newcomer's self-titled debut album, released by Beluga Heights/Epic, opened yesterday at No. 6 on The Billboard 200. Kingston also has the Hot 100's top debut at No. 28 with "Me Love," the first time an artist ranked No. 1 and scored Hot Shot Debut honors since Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" and "Listen" in January."

Continue Reading

Jesus be a hearing aid for America...

Source (Billboard)

Igganunt Quote of the Day

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"Yes, I came in at No. 6 and sold 86,000 records - in a declining market, might I add. I'm very proud of that. Not everybody's selling records like they used to. Even the biggest artists don't come out and go platinum in a week anymore. It's a different day and age in the music industry."

girrrrl, ive seen artist on the gospel charts debut with higher sales than that....i mean, im sure somebody named Maybelle Jean Merryweather could come out with a album named "Comin atchall, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!" and could bust 100,000 in the first week!...but i guess whatever helps you not down a pinesole cocktail with a bleach chaser is all to the good right?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Allow Me To ReIntroduce Myself!

Ok, so i kno your wondering...upon the MOUNTAIN of blogs these days, why read mine, Rhythmic's Blog? hell i dont kno, im just a guy with a voice that doesnt mind sharing..take it or leave it...BUT, i hope u can appreciate someone with an strong love for music, entertainment, crazy white women with record contracts, and gossip! i dish the tea, so if ur thirsty...drink up....but upon deciding to create this blog, and being a big fan of OTHER blogs myself..ive come to realize the different type of bloggers, and how much i may fit into each type:

The Angry Blogger:
This is the type of blogger that basically hates everything and everyone he/she post about, with a sassy wit and sharp tongue that rivals that of sophia from the Golden Girls ( and dont act like u aint up on that shit! Lifetime HOLLA)...but in all actuality probably secretly owns a copy of B'day just like the rest of us...but its cool to hate beyonce ahem...fuck that bish *hoping that since i just mentioned beyonce in a post, im gonna recieve atleast 1242145 comments alone"....oh from my mouth to Gods ears...

The Rhythmic Factor: an angry bish, only mon- sat tho...sunday im as sweet as pie

The Funny Blogger:
This is my favorite type of blogger, someone with a sense of humor goes a long way...BIG UP TO FRESH! over at crunkndisorderly (shes as simple as nicole richies diet and i love her for it) but this is the blogger that pokes fun at pretty much everyone, tastefully and playfully, but knows how to keep it real when need be.

The Rhythmic Factor: 10...if humor is the only way to get it through to keyshia cole that having hair thats just as bright as a box of luckycharms ISN'T the way to go...then so be it!

The Entertainment Blogger:
Bringing u the latest and the greatest in black entertainment. With new music, fresh pics, juicy candids and even an exclusive interview here and there, among all that other good shit..when i think of a blog like this, comes to mind.

The Rhythmic Factor: 8...i LOVE me some entertainment...but ehhh i will not be havin any exclusive hotness, i doubt viacom will be adding me to their mailing list anytime soon..

The Conscience Blogger:
This is the type of blogger who overall can bring u dare u all sit at work, wanting to read the latest measurements of the distance between rihannas eyebrows and her hair line while theres babys in indonesia starving or some shit?

The Rhythmic Factor: 0...want something deep and profound? this aint the blog for you! so sorry for ya..but im not tivo'n fox news or taking up an extra class at my local community college just to write a blog..sorry

The Whatever the Hell i feel like Blogging about Blogger :
From the latest issues going on in black entertainment, to the shady bus driver that cheated him/her on their transfer. This blogger post what they feel, when they feel and how they feel on the situation. When i think of this type of blogger Clay Cane and Nova Slim comes to mind.

The Rhythmic Factor: 10...why? cuzz this is my blog and i type about what the hell i want!

Welp thats it for now in a nutshell, i hope u guys treat me like a 30something ex drug addicted soul singer and take me as i am....and to all 4 of my readers, i wish u guys a great rest of the day!