Thursday, January 31, 2008

Throwback Thursday

It seems like alot of you enjoyed Mr. Bobby Caldwell last week, so this thursday I decided to bust out another one of my all time favorites from a male vocalist(im VERY picky when it comes to them) by the name of Don Blackman. His self titled debut album was released back in 1982 and due to horrible promotion (which means it MUST have been genius) the album never quite garnered the success it should have, but the stand out song that is "Holding you, Loving you" continues to shine to this very day, and is favored by many genius musicians and producers, the song is absolutely amazing..simplistic yet yourself a favor and check out his AllMusic page or visit, after you click PLAY on the music player ofcourse :-)

Pianist/singer/writer Don Blackman, born 1953 in Queens, NY, grew up surrounded by jazz influences; a cousin was McCoy Tyner's friend and saxophonist Charles McPherson — a Charlie Parker disciple — was Blackman's neighbor. Blackman played with McPherson's group in 1968 alongside Sam Jones and Louis Hayes when he was 15 years old.

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Now u KNOW u needa ass whoopin!*

Big ups to my Partner in Fierceness Mo for givin me heads up on the negroidian igganunce that is taking place in this clip. Just take a gander for urself... u kno what the sad thing about this is? Momma probably out workin her second job while lil Lamont at home doin extracurricular activities with his lil study partner (who looks every bit of 14)knowin damn well they got a biology test in the morning..A MESS!

*5 points to whoever can tell me what movie i got that from

A Cry For Help

After a sophmore album that performed lower than expected, a third album that never even seen the light of day in America, and even a collaboration with Chingy...THIS has to be single handedly the WORST look for Amerie's career to date....a picture with the Antichrist of music himself...Ugly Basterd T-Pain. I consider myself a HUGE Amerie fan and I think her debut album All I Have is one of the MOST underrated albums of all time and I always kept hope alive that her sound would gravitate back towards the cool, breezy, organic sounds of the first album (although i do love her heavy percussive stuff too). I really thought she had something going with her first album and if she continued to grow with that, it could be somethin all her own and she could have set alil knitch for herself in the music industry...but nooooooooooo this heffa had to come out with Crazy In Love pt. 2...dont get me wrong "One Thing" was undoubtebly HOT and the Touch album was great..but much like other albums that are directed to the sound of RIGHT NOW with the main intent of topping the singles chart, the album doesnt have as much of a replayability factor as her first album did. Touch was cute for a few listens and a few "we on our way to the club" pick me ups but aside from that and the gym friendly Rich Harrison helmed tracks, u were pretty much done with it. Now im hoping this picture was JUST a photo-op and NOTHING more, my heart would weep if anything were to ever become of this pic, like ohhh lets say a collaboration? or EVEN him on production. If Amerie doesnt kno anything else by now, she knows that 1 hot track thats "Now" can mean the world today and not a damn thing tomorrow, and working with T-pain thats ALL you will EVER get ("Low", "Kiss Kiss", "Cyclone" and "Shawty" wont be getting much rotation in anyones ipods in the next 6 months let alone in the next few years)...So all in all with this being said...Amerie...keep on keepin on girl...i think ur amazing and im eagerly anticipating new material with that old amerie feel...and T-pain...die slowly.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fierceness of the Day

Adele singing "Melt My Heart to Stone" urself a favor and watch the entire thing, her voice is AMAZING... this shit is FIERCE

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Gnarls??

While roamin down the blog stroll this evening I came across a song by the GENIUS that is Danger Mouse and CeeLo, better known as Gnarls Barkley, on Mission Freak. The song is Called "Run" and isn't known at this time if its new and from the upcoming album The Odd Couple theyre almost finished on, or something from the St. Elsewhere session. I personally cant think how a track like this could POSSIBLY be left off St. Elsewhere, or any other album for that matter, so my guess is that its brand spanking new. If this is new than its DEFINITELY first single worthy because in my opinion the track is BRILLIANT, GENIUS, AMAZING and everything getting old school "Livin for the City" Stevie from it with a twist of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band" from the Beatles vibe...UGH IM INLOVE! IN LOVE I TELL U

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 S.A.G. Award Winners

Im a slave for award shows, EVERY award show. Hell sometimes I even fucks with the ESPYS...Sunday night was the S.A.G awards and much to my surprise the people I were routing for..actually WON..Queen Latifah won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie/Mini Series for 'Life Support' and LEGEND Ruby Dee won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for 'American Gangster'...Both of these women were more than deserving of their accolades...I was mad Queen wasnt their to accept her award! but i have a feeling she'll be back up there again, shes truly becoming a force in Hollywood...Along with those 2, my favorites Alec Baldwin and Tina Faye from the HILLARIOUS show '30 Rock' won Outstanding Performance by a Male and Female Actor in a Comedy Series....CLICK HERE to see the full list of Winners...SEE U AT THE OSCARS RUBY! HOLLA!

Erykah Badu 'Honey' Video

While the blogosphere is a blaze over bitches and their haircuts (or as i like to refer to it as weave removal) I figured we ALL need a contrast to the heres some NEW ERYKAH BADU!!!...This is the video for her first single 'Honey' from the upcoming album dropping the 26th of Feb

I love the concept behind the video, and the overall outcome of it i dig....definately lovin the use of classic album covers of the past..but the video fell a wee bit short to me, i feel alot more could have been done with the AMAZING concept they had, but im sure the budget had alot to do with that...but like i said..i dig, i dig..what about u guys?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adele Album Cover + Tracklist

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
01. Daydreams 3:40
02. Best For Last 4:18
03. Chasing Pavements 3:30
04. Cold Shoulder 3:11
05. Crazy For You 3:28
06. Melt My Heart To Stone 3:23
07. First Love 3:10
08. Right As Rain 3:17
09. Make You Feel My Love 3:32
10. My Same 3:15
11. Tired 4:18
12. Hometown Glory 4:31

Imma just say it right now...ALBUM. OF. THE. YEAR. I kno its early as hell but THIS album, for me, will be hard to beat..VERY hard to beat...Adele is RhythmicWords' January Artist Of the Month and on February 5th you will find out why when she releases her album 19(imported for us ofcourse). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it a try you guys...artistry like this should be treasured! shes the perfect mixture of Amy Winehouse and head on over to her MYSPACE PAGE and give some of her songs a listen if you havent already! theres no need to wait untill she develops a drug habit, or a knack for talkin shit about her peers to wait and give her the time of it NOW..pls and thank you :-)

New Feist Video for 'I Feel It All'

ALWAYS the innovator, when it comes to videos, Feist is blessing us ALL with the 3rd single from her breakout album The Reminder called 'I Feel It All'. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album (now only if her next video will be fore "The Limit To Your Love" then i'll be set!). This video is absolutely amazing, simple, yet CREATIVE, like ALL feist's videos..i always love how out the box her videos are...if u loved "1,2,3,4" you'll appreciate this

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Throwback thursday is BACK! and what better way to bring it back than with the genius that is Bobby Caldwell's "What you Wont Do for Love". This is on my LONG list of all time favorite songs. You cant help but let The horns speak to you and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful, and you may have heard this song already! it was sampled 4345654645 of times by various artist from Da Brat to Aaliyah , but best remembered being sampled by Tupac on "Do For Love" back in '97. To learn more about Bobby, head on over to his WIKI page, heres an snippet:

Bobby Caldwell was born in Manhattan to Bob and Carolyn
Caldwell, the hosts of Suppertime, an early television variety show. Living in Memphis and, chiefly, Miami (which he has called an influential "dumping ground" for all kinds of music), he took up piano and guitar as a preteen. Forming his own band at 17, he took the group on the road, later recording an album entitled Kathmandu.

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Erykah Album Cover + Tracklisting

1. "Amerykahn Promise"
2. "The Healer / Hip-Hop"

3. "Me"

4. "My People"

5. "Soldier"

6. "The Cell"

7. "Twinkle"

8. "Master Teacher"

9. "That Hump"

10. "Telephone"

11. "Honey" (Bonus)

The covers gonna have to grow on me...its a weeeeeee bit...creepy? but I can NOT wait to hear some more new material from Ms Badu. Looking at the tracklisting i guess this is the year of short ass albums, but with Erykah u never kno, each song may be like 15 minutes long or some shit, who knows. Plus i prefer my albums short than long, drawn out and boring..... "Honey" is absolutely a fav of the moment for me...her rumored second single "The healer"? yeaaaaaaaaaa not so much.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger Dead at 28

Sad Sad news comes today, Heath Ledger has died at the age of 28 from what police are assuming is a drug overdose at this time.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Ledger had committed suicide. He had an appointment for a massage at the residence in the tony neighborhood of SoHo, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. A housekeeper who went to let him know the massage therapist had arrived and found him unconscious at 3:26 p.m.

According to The New York Times, his body was moved to the floor, and after receiving no response from the actor after shaking him, the masseuse and housekeeper called authorities.

“We are investigating the possibility of an overdose,” Browne said. “There were pills within the vicinity of the bed.”

My Prayers and deepest condolences go out to all of his family, friends and fans at this time....Now can someone tap THIS BITCH on the shoulder and let her know this shit is NOT a game?

Lil' Kim Jumps ship

Lil' Kim has decided that it would be best to part ways with her record label Atlatic Records after 10 years and plans to release her upcoming album independently according to

"It's rumored that the MC will join Capitol Music Group's independent arm,
Imperial Records, however Kim's management was unavailable for comment. Fat Joe
is also signed to Imperial. Lil Kim's upcoming album, which was originally
slated for February, is now tentatively set for April or May 2008. Kim's
Atlantic swan song, 2005's "The Naked Truth," has sold 394,000 copies in the
United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan."

I definitely think this is a GOOD look for Kim. Clearly Atlantic stop giving a shit about her during the La Bella Mafia days. The main problem with Kims lackluster career hasn't exactly been her material, its been the backing that shes had, or in her case, hasn't. No record label in their RIGHT mind would have let Kim, or WHOMEVER, pick the album cover that was chosen for The Naked Truth, that shit was straight up SCARY and totally contributed to the wack sales(arguably one of her BEST albums not even going gold? damn shame I say, DAMN SHAME!), I even contemplated buying it after I seen the cover in the store for the first time, damn near gave it the SEOD. The woman had a MASSIVE hit with "Magic Stick" and there was NEVER video for it, major no no...even if her and 50 were throwing tampons at each other at the time, im sure the could have done SOMETHING...Im just glad shes finally realized she deserves more.

Famous Stars and Tramps

Nowwwwwwww...i dunno about you guys, but nothing about this picture screams "BUY MY PRODUCT!!!"..Can someone send this memo to Travis Barker, owner of Famous Stars and Straps, and let him know this? Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day is the model for the clothing company and these are the pictures of her modeling various pieces. My brother is ADDICTED to this shit, and I dig some of the hoodies and tshirts myself, but looking at this campaign it doesnt make me wanna rush to the nearest store and pick up anything, it makes me wanna volunteer at a battered womans shelter or somethin...I mean really, homegirl looks ALL FUCKED UP.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreamgirls 2: Queens United

Heres a clip of Ex b2k members beefin it out over, im guessing, the allegations of molestation RazB made against Chris Stokes a few weeks ago...Anyminute im waiting on them to go into a rendition of "Its All Over" from Dreamgirls...I just love how Raz puts his own twist on "And I Am Telling You" at the end by tellin everyone hes gonna shoot em up...great way at really making it ur own Raz

Every single thing about this clip is hilarious to me, personal favorite part is at the end when Raz threatens to kill everyone (oh how i wish he would stop playing with my emotions with his idle threats) if the whole HIV thing is true, ofcourse its no laughing matter..but when it comes to these CLOWNS, im far from sympathetic, or concerned for that I got a question, is this reality show their supposedly coming out with an actual show scheduled to air on a network soon? or are these negros just walkin around with a handheld and a youtube account calling it a "show"? either way I shant be victimized!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Because Beyonce is the QUEEN of Originality...

So I snatched this while roaming around The Fury today and I must say..some Beyonce stan has put in overtime for this, may have even lost a job behind it, because it MUST have been time consuming... Not only thinking back and studying every Beyonce video but every Rihanna video as well!!! (God be with ANYONE capable of doing that and living to tell a story about it). This stan is claming (and comes with damn good evidence) that Rihanna has bit alot of Beyonces ideas and concepts in past videos...This would be all well and good if it WEREN'T Beyonce here we were talkin about..nothing new is under the sun, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Beyonce queen of lawsuits herself!. This exact same video could be made with Beyonce in Rihannas shoes and any R&B female after 1990 in Beyonce's...Now put down the spears and torches stans, im not taking up for Rihanna in no shape or form..she can sizzle in the same frying pan as B herself for all i care..buuuuuuut, I calls it as I sees it...wanna truly take credit as being the first to do something? try doing something ORIGINAL...and poppin yo oochie wally on a sandy beach is far from it

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

With all the talk of the upcoming Mariah album, I did what I normally do when im eagerly anticipating a new project by one of my favorite artist, I listen to their prior albums like they just came out untill i get my fix of new material lol. Today I put in my all time favorite Mariah album Butterfly and was reminded of how GOOD that album was, everytime I listen to it, its a beautiful surprise....I also realized today that it wasnt uptempo track heavy AT ALL, beautiful ballads and bouncy midtempo tracks made up the entire album and it worked PERFECTLY (why mariah got the urge to make everyone get theyre eagle on all of a sudden after this album, I dunno)...I wanted to share the video to one of MANY of my favorite Mariah tracks and videos..."Breakdown"...this song brings back so many memories and its one of those songs where u just cant help but smile hearing it...can u guys believe its been a DECADE since this was released?

'That Chick' Tracklisting is reporting that Mariah's new album That Chick (smh) has officially been set with a April 1st release date.

"Mariah Carey has set an April 1 release date for the follow-up to her
mega-selling album "The Emancipation of Mimi," which was the biggest selling
album of 2005. Dubbed "That Chick," the set features production from Jermaine
Dupri, and Rodney Jerkins, plus collaborations with the likes of
T-Pain and Damian Marley."
The rumored first single is suppose to be "Migrate" featuring Tpain...ive been ITCHING to hear this track because its Mariah and i always love her first singles, but Tpain? smh 2 steps forword, 4 steps back away from fierceness huh Mariah? Heres the tracklisting, only 10 tracks? Hmm i dunno how i feel about that one, I prefer my r&b albums with a minimum of 14 tracks, short and sweet but not TOO short. But Yall kno how Mariah do, her ass will most likely re-release in May with 4 more tracks anyway..Heres the tracklisting, im sure its gonna change depending on what track she picks for the first single, EVERY Mariah album always opens with the first single and follows up with the second.

"Lovin' You Long Time"

"Touch My Body"

"That Chick"

"Thanx for Nothin'"

"For the Record"


"Cruise Control"

"Love Story"

"Bye Bye"

Coming To a LA radio near you...

Wendy Williams recently sat down and talked more about the upcoming movie about her and elaborated on exactly WHY she picked Robin Givins to play her. Now I kinda can understand why now she picked her, but its still kinda like...huh?

Wendy announced today on her radio show on WBLS 107.5 in NY that starting on Tuesday January 22nd, West coasters will be able to hear all of the Negroidian igganunce and HOW U DOIN's that take place on the Wendy Williams Experience. Wendy and the rest of the gang will be syndicated on LA's famous 93.5 Kday radio station from 11-3 (wait, wasnt that YOYOS time slot? someone help me if im wrong), so that means she'll be coming on right after Steve Harveys morning show....i LOVE IT!..finally a reason for me to listen to the radio and endure the assault of todays popular music on my much as it would be cool to jump on the "I Cant stand that tranny Wendy Williams!!" bandwagon, i think the tranny is hilarious!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adamo Covers fab. Magazine

Yesterday One of my readers (I have those? find out somethin new everyday, yall) seen the post i did on Mr. Adamo and his courageous choice himself... and decided to send over the pic of the upcoming cover of Fab Magazine with Adamo gracing the it and looking good...The mag Hits newsstands on Wed. Jan 23 for you neighbors up north.

Thanks Iain!

Whats the Fuss about the Writers Strike u ask?

Now like many of you, i never really stunted the strike and never cared to look into what it was about because it never effected me, im no writer and im not TOO big on late night tv. After the cancellation of the Golden Globes and the speculation surrounding the Oscars and NOW even the Grammys may be effected by this strike, my interest is SPARKED and Now the upcoming 'Justice League' movie is on hold, indefinitely...*sigh* and i was so looking forword to seeing common in green the action! So for myself and a few of you guys, here is a breakdown of the strike and why its happening.

Diddy in search for Professional Toothpick Holder

Diddy's supposedly looking for a 24 hour slave Personal Assistant to handle his "personal affairs" with a "Whatever it takes" that just screams sex slave to me? I dunno about you guys, but being a personal assistant to Diddy doesn't seem like a job...more like a prison sentence. Could u picture being at his every beck and call? end up knowing all his secrets, witnessing the top notch undercover shit that most likely goes on in that negro's life (hes ALWAYS looked like one of the shiftiest folks in the industry!)..and if anything else im sure youd find the hidden dungeon with the old Badboy Roster trapped down there....

Where do I send my application?

Dear Mariah...

Mariah Mariah your apparently naming your album "That Chick"...*sigh*...and the real sad thing aside from that is you most likely think its acceptable of a WOMAN your AGE to refer to herself as...that chick... now you've proven after endless, at times unnecessary and forced, rap callabos after rap callabos that your "down"...yes, you much rather goto a Wutang album release party than a ritzy cocktail party with top socialites of the world... WE GET IT...But this move here, it just doesnt seem to make sense, or really make me interested in what statement your gonna be making on this upcoming album. Maybe your trying to make yourself more relateable and attainable to your fans by letting them know that your just "that chick"???? Yeaaaaaaaa...about that...Bitch, you sleep in a rain forest and you got a HELLO KITTY room ...A ROOM dedicated to that shit!...not a corner..not a wall..but a ROOM...Mariah, u are FAR from "That Chick" and thats what has added to the appeal, at times. Coming off of probably the best album of your career, The Emancipation Of MiMI, putting out anything less than that level of content would be very sad, but coming back with an album exactly like that..would be flat out disappointing...I kno i kno...if it aint broke dont fix it...but if that bitch is comin up on its last leg..DONT JUST WAIT FOR IT TO BREAK!...Emancipation was NOTHING new for was just Butterfly 2.0...Bigger, Stronger, Faster!!! and after coming behind 2 MAJOR DUDS and 1 VERY forgettable album(honestly, when was the last time anyone was stuntin RAINBOW?), the album was received much better than it would have been if it had came straight after Butterfly, I think. On that note, I do believe a Mimi 2.0 will fair very well, but a something NEW showing GROWTH and actual MATURITY will fair even greater!, because lets face to the 106 crowd is not the best choice for ANYONE, let alone a legend like urself! (take that as a hint to ANYONE reaching out to Tpain right now)....but Mimi, I am a fan and will continue to be one, I just hope you stop going to your stuffed animals and cabana boys for career advice...that is all.

Love, always (as long as u never come out with another Charmbracelet)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well good for him...*nods*

I dunno if any of u guys out there watch Degrassi on the N network but i do, kinda grew up watching it...Today one of the stars, Adamo Ruggiero, came out today as a homosexual, which is kind of funny because his character on the show is homosexual...Now this news doesn't exactly knock me down with a feather but its always commendable when those on TV, in Music, in the spotlight in general, in some form or fashion, doesn't just give a wink, a giggle and say no comment when it comes to issues like sexuality so kudos to him.
"I didn’t plan it that way… maybe it’s life imitating art, Ruggiero tells eTalk.
"Degrassi let me do something real and I kindof feel like I’m living proof of
what the show was working to accomplish."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Album Release Tuesday

Spice Girls - Greatest Hits
Raheem Devaughn - The Love Behind The Melody
John Legend - Live from Philidelphia
Marvin Gaye - Here My Dear (Expanded Edition)
Which one will you be getting?
btw...the Raheem Devaughn review WILL be up...tomorrow...or...eventually

MTB4 season 2

Well, as much as i would love to join the cool kids and say im boycotting this season of making the band, id be a damn going to be watching this shit faithfully just to see who gets pregnant first (my moneys on Aubrey), who diddy reads, who becomes the token beard(judging by the clip, dawn it is!), and make bets with friends on who will become an alcoholic and fall into obscurity (since we are talking about diddy here so many it should be which GROUP instead of which person, right?) anyhoo..the new season begins This month on the 28th at 10pm!

Should Mary really 'Hurt Again'?

As great as an album can be, the most important part, aside from having material that's actually good, is choosing what material should become singles, and what material would just be AMAZING album cuts. Marys camp has officially chosen the second single from the BRILLIANT Growing Pains album and to my surprise they've decided to roll with "Hurt Again" after making us fans think our opinion mattered by making us do a poll to pick for ourselves *Hiss*, "Grown Woman" won that one. While i don't particularly agree with neither one of those tracks being a SECOND single I absolutely LOVE them both, Now my 2cents? I think Mary should have rolled with "Roses" as a second single for this time of the year, the cooler months give people time to assess relationships and get ANGRY! until they move on in time enough to show some skin, have some fun and not give a damn in the summer months...enter "Grown Woman" as the 3rd single! can u picture club hearing that on the way to the or while ur at a stuffy house party just waiting for that one song that makes u wanna get up and get loose? (and wouldn't she look just sassy preforming that at the BET awards?).. To round things out for the fourth and potentially last single "What Love Is" would do just fine, the song has crossover hit written ALL OVER it that's relateable and can be expected to make those that found puppy love during the summer feel justified in the decision to make their summer fling their steady *rolls eyes*(and doesnt it have Grammy performince song written all over it? all she need is a backing choir and its typical grammy, oooh maybe she'll even cry when the camera goes to kendu!).

Hopefully the Mary camp will get some sense and start doing things that oh...i dunno..makes sense? Lord knows the single selection for The Breakthrough was baffling (Why "Cant Hide From Love" wasnt a second single and "Ive Found My Everything" wasnt a single PERIOD still makes me scratch my head from time to time). "Hurt Again" as great as it is, i dont think its the best choice especially coming after a single like "Just Fine", that didnt grab as many ears as it should have. Having a strong debut on the charts is what everyone wants, but having longevity on the charts is what everyone needs, lets hope in the end Mary will be able to say shes experienced both with this album.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Now is It just me or...

Is this alil precious?!?!? apparently a few lads have decided to hilariously rein act the Bow wow, Omarion, and Toure zestfully clean if only the interview really went like this because lets face it..Toure does need his ass beat, for his hair ALONE...but lets be honest shall we? Bow wow wouldn't kick a can in a ghost town and Omarions never danced this good...

Yes, its monday and I dont feel like doin shit today but post youtube and dailymotion clips...leave me alone

New Christina Aguilera + my thoughts

christina aguilera - save me from myself [music video !]
Uploaded by nyuuwa

Today was the first time i seen the video to "Save Me From Myself" from Christina's album Back to Basics...Why this video is JUST now coming out 5423465464536 months after Candy was forgotten by the masses? im not sure. Why "Hurt" and "CandyMan" were singles period? not sure about that one either (girl, pop doesnt appreciate you!) IMO she should have released more songs from the first disc that was CLEARLY an R&B album...I think she would of faired much better with "Understand" and maybe "Without you" as the second and third single and THEN maybe "Hurt" and finished it up with "Save me from myself" from the more pop album (Dont give me the side eye, Stripped had like 17 singles!)... All in All Back To Basics was an amazing album, BOTH DISC, its just ashame it wasnt promoted and backed the way it should have been...yanno...properly.

OH and btw..congrats on the son Christina...little Max Liron Bratman.....max liron huh? I guess if ur mom is known for wearing assless chaps and bangin for tracks, being teased for ur name is the least of ur problems.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Now is it Just Me or....

Is that bish dancin in a bowl of cereal about 2 minutes into the video? Janet the innovator yall..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stroll on over to That Grape Juice to check it out for urself incase u havent yet...Now lately ive been ragged on for being a this time u guys need not worry! im not gonna say one thing negative!....that is all.

oh wait...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

NOW...that is all.

Monday, January 7, 2008

An Intimate Evening with Jay-Z and Beyonce

Eric and Jeff over at The Real sent me one of the funniest videos they've ever done... Apparently Jay and Beyonce have planned out the seating chart and i must say, it looks like everything will go smoothly...too bad Teairra Mari outback with the rest of the clean up crew waitin for her time to shine!...shameful honey

Just Like You..or is it..Just Like You?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The girl next door (from the crack house, that is) image was originally introduced over a decade ago by Mary J. Blige, that image is of someone that's relatable, riddled with hardships, tackling real relationship issues and possessing a humble singing voice that could pretty much be mimicked without embarrassment or strain by anyone with hearing and vocal chords. This image was a drastic change of what was known at the time, there was the cookie cutter non-offensive crossover types (Whitney before the crack and Mariah before the mini skirts and black men) and that was pretty much it untill Mary burst on the scene with a bad attitude, a bad weave and a personality hell bent on keepin it real with the women that didnt always have a "vision of love".

Over the years the image has been polished, marketed and pushed on many other female acts that have come and gone, but theres only been 1 female with as many similarities, musically and physically or been met with a fraction of the success as Mary experienced back in '92, Miss Keyshia Cole. While the similarities and parallels of these 2 women are clear and evident, to say that a predecessor is copying or following in the footsteps of its successor is not only inaccurate in this case but flat out *chaka kahn voice* DISRESPECTFUL!

Various blogs have expressed the obvious about the new issue of VIBE that features Mary J. Blige as the cover girl, She resembles Keyshia Cole...or is it...Keyshia Cole resembles Mary? true they both favor at times depending on what section of the wigporium they frequent, but to say that Mary is "swagger jacking" is where my fist turn coal to diamonds, especially when shes supposedly jacking a swagger that was introduced by her when Keyshia was just a twinkle in her fathers eye, WHOMEVER that may be (But I love u none the less Frankie, HOLLAAAAA!). After 40 million records sold, 26 Grammy nominations (6 wins), world wide acclaim and unprecedented respect among peers across the board AND fans alike, why Mary would swagger jack from an artist that has yet to even experience HALF of that is beyond me, but yanno, I think before I say things, so who am I?

Not to take away the accomplishments from Keyshia at all to prove my point, shes had 2 platinum albums, 3 top 10 singles and so far 2 Grammy nominations, miss thing is definitely coming into her own, or atleast her own twist of what worked for Mary over 10 years before Keyshias debut album The Way It Is even dropped back in 2005. The IMAGE, the sound, and the attitude that worked, at times backfired, or at the very least made u give a damn about what Mary had to say is now being used by Keyshia to make a name for herself.

Am I takin a shit on Keyshia? ofcourse not..I dabble with keylolo on occasion and ive enjoyed various songs shes released since her debut, the girl has a promising career and i look forword to witnessing her growth as a woman and an artist, but am I aware of where shes drawing her inspiration from and whos shes HEAVILY influenced by in every aspect of her career? absolutely. Mary J. Blige is called the Queen of HipHop soul for a reason and after selling over 600,000 albums in one week during a time where going gold is an aspiration, shes showing no signs of passing on the crown anytime soon, or trading it for anyones princess tiara for that matter.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grown Woman on the cover of VIBE

Mother Mary J is on the February cover of Vibe stuntin on these hoes and looking beyond fabulous, just when I forgot this magazine existed I have a reason to actually purchase an issue again (I stopped subscribing to that mess a LONG time ago) But it looks like its going to be a tolerable issue this month. Ofcourse this being Marys 5463634456th vibe cover and feature it wont be much new to talk about other than her being a changed woman and owing that to her Lord and savior Kendu God, but i'll purchase it just for the picture spread on the inside anyway. Oh and kudos to vibe for choosing a cover that doesn't look like it was shot by Stevie Wonder using an instamatic. A good cover? nice change of pace, guys

In other fierce Mary news, I forgot to express my joy that shes back on TOP of the charts where she should be. After debuting at number 2 with over 600,000 copies sold she skipped past Joss Groban to claim number 1 in her second week on the charts...i aint mad atcha Mary.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

January's Arist of the Month

I know ive lagged the last few months with the artist of the month feature on the blog but i figured to make it up id come back with a BANG. This month i bring you miss Adele, the SOULFUL voice behind beautiful songs that are infectious and Ipod commercial bound. Shes Feist meets Amy Winehouse with a pinch of Alice Smith in the mix, i absolutely adore her and every song ive heard on her myspace has my feinding for more. The voice of this UK songbird is something that i havent heard in YEARS, she can literally sing me the morning news paper and id be happy, her voice is trully something special, full of texture, control and depth...just hear for yourself by checking out her first single called "Chasing Pavements"

now DO THE RIGHT THING! and check her out on MYSPACE

Throwback Thursday

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For this weeks throwback I chose one of my favorite Barry White tracks "Honey Please, Cant You See", I love how uptempo and fun this song is, ofcourse along with the back up! (they GETTIN IT). This song came out in 1974 and came between 2 of Barrys BIGGEST records, "Never gonna give you up" and "Cant Get Enough of Your Love Babe" and thats why it isnt as popular or one of his most memorable, but im inlove with it, and I hope you enjoy it too


Click here to read more about Barry

I Shant Be Bothered...

Ok, to go to dinner with a man you so convincingly accused of molesting you is what I personally wouldn't do, but Raz "My Ass Hurts" B is now apparently over the entire thing, as well as his brother Ricky "Im doin it fo the kids, or atleast until my phone bill gets paid" Romance. I believed the allegations that the boys made on their you tube video, BUT i also believe there were ulterior motives behind creating that video aswell, and judging from THIS those motives were appeased. Cant u tell by the way Raz and Ricky are shuckin and jivin around while it looks like Chris is on his way home to explain to his wife why she wont be getting that new benz she was expecting this month?