Monday, March 31, 2008

New Adele Video

This new video is for "Cold Shoulder" from the beautiful and talented Adele off her debut album 19, whish is slated for a summer release here in America. The video was directed by Phil Griffin. Now start out ur week on a good foot by clicking play

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Throwback Thursday

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The musical GENIUS that is George Benson won a grammy back in 1977 for his hit "The Masquerade" and its this weeks throwie thursday. This song was number 1 on the pop, jazz and R&B charts. Now after you listen to this amazing song, do yourself a favor and head on over to to get acquainted with this legend. This man is the reason why im SO picky when it comes to my male vocalist of today...when u grew up listening to this, Frankie Beverly, Donny Hathaway and others... the fellows out now can't even make me raise an PLEASE...CLICK PLAY!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Im not tryna start shit...I SWEA!

But tonight Keyshia Cole debuted her new video for the beautiful song "Heaven Sent" on BETs Access Granted. When watching this video, which is gorgeous btw, my mind ventured off to a video thats somewhat similar. This video took me back to the amazing "Everything" video by Mary J. Blige. Now say what you want, but this video by Keykey is VERY reminiscent of Miss Marys is it not?...Dont get me wrong, I love "Heaven sent", its actually my fav track from Keyshia's album.... but CLEARLY "Everything" was the prototype for this video...but watch both below, "Heaven Sent" and "Everything", which is CLASSIC...classic Mary, classic Hype Williams (when...yanno..he gave a damn) and classic 90s R&B (when..yanno...R&B was good) enjoy both of these videos and draw your own conclusions..swagger jacking?, paying homage? or mere coincidence? but not tryna start shit..I SWEA! 0:-)

Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent

Mary J. Blige - Everything

...and yes..the stan came out of me during this post...sue me.

So who in Mariah camp secretly hates her?

Thats the only explanation i can come up with for her not performing this song on snl a few weeks back....Mariah performed for those bitches from The Hills the other night and her performance of "Touch my Body" was ofcourse televised. What wasn't televised was her performance of another track from E=Mc2 which is called "That Chick you Like". After looking at the performance and listening to the song im wondering why the hell it wasnt aired and why she didnt perform this on snl instead of "Migrate", clearly someone is tryna sabotage the Mimi by tellin her to do dumb shit. Im loving this track and I havent even heard the HQ version yet, and thats BIG considering those one trick ponies known as Stargate produced it, i dont even hear a guitar! kudos to u guys!!!. The song seems very fun and summery and im loving the pinch of Michael Jackson flavor in it. Its finally good to hear something from the new album that doesnt make me cringe or make me have to listen to it 435253245 times just to tolerate it..because for a minute there E=Mc2 was shapin up to be E=Me not buyin that shit. AMAZING does she look? it kinda make u wonder why they insist on airbrushing her to DEATH in her promo pics...i mean SERIOUSLY, ive seen less digital altering in disney/pixar movies

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rhythmic Review: Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple

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The dynamic duo is back with their follow up to the extremely successful debut St. Elsewhere, that garnered critical acclaim from scholars, D-boys, blacks, whites and everyone in between. With their sophomore album The Odd Couple hitting stores this week, the speculation and curiosity for the album is reaching its peak. "Is the album as weird as the first?", "Does it suffer from sophomore jinx?", "Have they sold out completely and let Timbaland produce the album?". Well the answers are NO, and thank God to the last question, ABSOLUTELY NOT to the second, and YES to the first (and I'm loving every minute of it). Odd Couple is a continuation from St. Elsewhere and with the brilliant formula Danger mouse and Ceelo used the first time around, it would only be logical not to fix it.

The Grammy award winning group that consist of Danger mouse, who's still working his creative genius behind the boards as a producer, and Cee-lo on vocals. If you were a fan of, admired or had an undying love for St. Elsewhere than this album will solidify your love of this group. Odd Couple isn't a carbon copy of St. Elsewhere by any means, it just merely takes creative concepts and sounds, that are complimented by Cee-lo's vocal intensity, from the last album and displays it all on this album, see "Open Book".

Pop influences plucked from the 50s and 60s, that are very reminiscent of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, are merged with soul sounds of that era and crashes smack dab into the Hip-Hop heavy, electronica experimentation of now BEAUTIFULLY. On songs like "Surprise" this musical collision course of sounds is the most apparent, while "Whatever" gives you a feeling of what the Beach Boys would sound like if they were around now and the group consisted of experimental stoners. Unlike the first album, the upbeat schizophrenic moments are toned down abit, think alittle less "Go Go Gadget Gospel" and alittle more "St. Elsewhere", the song that is, from their first album.

One of the MANY stand out tracks on the album "A Little Better" evokes a cocktail of mixed emotions. The head nod inducing beat is intoxicating and addicting all at once, the track is 3:07 long as you wish it were an experience that would never end. Its a perfect closing to an album that takes you on an adventure dealing with such topics as having a relationship with a blind woman that loves based on inner beauty, "Blind Mary," to the emotional confession and disparity on "Who's gonna save my Soul", which is set to be the groups second single.

Listening to This album can only be summed up as one word, an experience. With the textures this album display, you get a strong admiration for this duo and their knack for putting upbeat, fun, electronic, hip-hop beats to dark lyrics and menacing vocals. The juxtaposition of emotions and sounds displayed through out this album is gutsy and just plain fun to listen to, never knowing when or where a turn will come.

A post on Gnarls website earlier this month read "With the shifting seasons, furtive romantic entanglements and fierce college basketball rivalries, the latter half of March can be confusing. People need to be soothed and inspired now." That quote couldn't be any truer with tracks like the utterly genius first single "Run" making it virtually impossible not to be inspired and "Charity Case" being as soothing as it wants, these tracks all come together effortlessly and proves that this Odd Couple is more of a perfect pair.

I give The Odd Couple an A

IN STORES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree with me? let me know! if u absolutely disagree and think im on something? let me kno that too! hit up the comment section and share!!!!...remember, sharing is caring!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hooked on Honest

I kno ive been lagging and completely let thursday come and go without a throwie thursday post (I truly am lost without u Mo) BUT! I have good reason...Time Warner has been throwin me more shade than a Jlo fan at a Mariah Carey concert...BUT now that im back online and running, heres some funnyness to start out ur weekend right...

Too bad this product doesnt really LOVE to put it in when artist are on tv talkin about their upcoming releases..u kno when they say "this is my most personal album yet, i really love it" knowin damn well they be wanting to say "I NEED THE COINS!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This week is turning into a GREAT balance from last weeks horridness...first Gnarls Barkley moves their album up and entire month, then Mariah showed us the beauty of photoshop fierce photography and now ladies and gentlemen........

ADELE WILL ENJOY A SUMMER RELEASE HERE IN THE U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... thats right folks, save your coins from those import prices...RhythmicWords' February artist of the month Adele has inked a record deal here in America with Columbia Records and her amazing debut album 19 will be released and hopefully met with the warm reception it recieved back in the U.K. (it debuted at number 1 there), but she aint leanin and rockin with it so it'll most likely take an entire year and a few grammy nods or an Apple ad for people to stunt her (damn shame).

"Columbia Records will give hot British newcomer Adele's debut set "19" a summer Stateside release, through a joint venture struck with XL Recordings."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mariah's E=MC2 album cover

Like I was telling Nova, before I snatched this cover from his page (YOINK!), im surprised this album cover wasnt a shot of Mariah squatting in someones alley or a close up of her with a razor blade hidden under her tongue...yall kno how SHE been doin it lately, rollin around wit RayRay and Mae Mae and what not...but this album cover, the angle, the font, the body...everything is absolutely GORGEOUS, I cant find one flaw with it...ofcourse theyve all been airbrushed away, but thats neither here nor there. GET IT MIMI! now if only her songs reflected this adult, mature, sexy and confident image and didn't scream MY LIP GLOSS BE POPPIN! than i would be markin down the days on the calender for this release...

I TOTALLY want her retoucher to do my drivers license picture...oh and it completely SHITS on madges cover...but than again give Stevie Wonder a kodak and a day at the park and im sure he could come up with a better picture than that mess.

Monday, March 17, 2008


FINALLY! some GOOD shit!...

Word on the blog block is that the boys will be moving up their album an ENTIRE MONTH...that's right folks, so instead of releasing The Odd Couple on April 8th, it will hit stands on the 25th of THIS MONTH, that's right...NEXT TUESDAY, A WEEK FROM TODAY!, but the album will be available digitally TODAY. Just when my wallet started to heal I see its time to rub some nickels together to make magic *sigh*..but this is COMPLETELY worth it...great way to minimize illegal downloading I would imagine, SNEAK ATTACK ON YALL ASSES!, but also hinder any peek potential first week sales...but lets be real, this is Ceelo and Danger Mouse, they could give a hot heave about sales, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, BABY! ugh im so excited about this news I may need an asthma pump...gimmie a minute, yall

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quack Quack..Im a Chicken..

So a few folks have asked for my opinion on the MiMi performances on last nights SNL so I figured id post about it. I initially wasn't going to, because well...why? she didn't care enough to give a good performance, why should I care enough to comment on it? But anyhoo, Nova pretty much said everything I was thinking about the entire situation perfectly, so go check it cuzz Mimi shant victimize me!

But doesn't the "Migrate" song remind you of Camrons "Im a Chicken Head" skit from his Purple haze album? Listen to the negrodian display and tell me thoughts of MIMI doesn't run through ur head!!! the way Mariah's been lately i wouldn't be surprised if a skit like this makes E=Mc2...not a good look mimi..not a good look at all...CHICKEN HEADS, UNITE! BAKAWWWWK!

music player
.. . ...

Friday, March 14, 2008

To Continue this weeks theme...

Of Disappointments...I present u Madonnas new album cover!

Yea...I pray this is just a joke, too...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Throwback Thursday

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This weeks throwie thursday i decided to go with an artist thats been in my heavy rotation alot lately, Singer/Song writer/Fierce bitch Miss Carole King with the song "Tapestry" from one of the best albums of all time Tapestry. Not only is the album critically acclaimed, and a personal favorite of mine, it sold like hot cakes! check it out.

Tapestry would remain on the charts for nearly six years and sell over 10
million copies in the United States alone, an estimated 22 million world-wide,
remaining her most popular album among fans and critics alike. The album
garnered four Grammy Awards including Album of the Year; Best Pop Vocal
Performance, Female; Record of the Year ("It's Too Late"); and Song of the Year
("You've Got a Friend").

Along with being an amazing musician Carole has penned songs for dozens of artist, most notably "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin, "Some Kind Of Wonderful" by Marvin Gaye and "If its Over" by Mariah Carey, just to name a VERY FEW.

Now Clicky Clicky and take a listen to this beautiful song thats beautifully written by Carole and then head over to wiki and read up on this musical genius

*Sigh* has begun...

Just when u thought it was safe to imagine this nigga in the bottom of some volcano sizzling atop the back of his American Pitbull terrier Wife Tameka. Usher's song "Love in this club" is atop the hot 100 for the second straight week .

I heard the track for the first time earlier this week, I purposely ignored it while every other blog posted clips...clips of the clips..and clips of clips from radio simply because i was anticipating a new usher record like I'm anticipating an STD. Iam not a fan...never been..and the fact that his music has never been anything to scream from the mountain tops about has helped, and this song is no different. Don't get me wrong "U don't have to call" had me shaking a tail feather along with a few other tracks from 8701 and "Nice and Slow" is considered, by me, one of the pivotal R&B tracks from the 90. As time progressed Usher's music pretty much reflected whatever time period they were released, the material was nothing new, the sound was nothing fresh and the odd part the way he acted u could have sworn he was on some David Bowie Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust type shit.

When Usher pushed over 1 mil in one week with Confessions, for me it was like that one ass hole at your job with the horrible self righteous attitude and the "I can do no wrong" mindset getting employee of the month, hence giving him more vindication to be an even bigger asshole. I dont kno whos the bigger douche, him or Justin Timberlake, although Justin I can tolerate, atleast when it comes to his music (lord knows I cringe whenever his ass tries to be all hip and witty come interview time). But anyhoo...I guess this is my long winded way of saying the song sucks, the only reason why its percieved as hot, dat crack, or pure fiyah (or whatever the hell else its being called now a days in the place of "Cool") is because of Usher the person, and people, for some reason, loves him....lord knows anyone else with that track it would have been hugging the bottom of the charts...and speaking of charts..CONGRATS TO LUPE FIASCO!!!! he has his very first top 10 record, "Superstar" climbed up to number 10 this week!!!!!! and can someone tap Mary J. on the shoulder and let her ass know "Just Fine" wasnt the smash they expected and by dropping a new single, instead of just talking about dropping a new single, would make a good selling record a GREAT selling record? thanks in advance!


Hey guys, a friend of mine linked me this video and i just had to share and get thoughts on it. Im all for backing a presidential candidate and what not, and i have, but for the longest ive wished that supporters would turn this into whos the BEST for office, not whos the blackest or who has the most hormones. I just wish those with a voice and the potential to influence would educate those, that are unwilling to learn or just dont know where to go or what to do, on each candidates pros and cons so THEY can VOTE for who they think will best benefit THEM, and contrary to popular belief, that may not be someone thats the same race or sex as you. Is being black or being a woman reason enough to vote someone into office? I dont think so. It boggles my mind when people tell me who they voted for and I ask why and they simply reply "because hes black" or "because shes a woman". WE GOT TO DO BETTA TO GET BETTA YALL!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Just when i was about to come out the Danity Kane closet, they go and pull some shit like THIS...the video for their lead single "Damage" from the upcoming album Welcome To The Dollhouse. Love love love the song and all the tracks ive heard so far from the effort, but this video here... I dunno what to say, i mean the video looks like a tacky commercial for a new slutty bratz doll or something. Its bad enough that the video is debuting a WEEK before the album drops, and it turns out to be this bedazzled, silver metallic mess...i just shant be victimized by Diddy and his "if it aint me, i dont give a shit" business mindset

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rhythmic Review: Erykah Badu - New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War

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I know plenty of you are wondering, why on earth am i just posting my review for Erykahs new album when it came out nearly 2 weeks ago? Well, its taken me THAT LONG to actually appreciate the album for what it is, I'm not EVEN gonna say it took me that long to GET IT because lord knows this broad she has me scratching my head at some points. Erykah is a genius and at times it works in her favor and against her, while listening to the album I felt like it should be a class at the community college just to dissect it!!! I don't consider myself a Erykah stan, but at the same time i don't consider myself a casual listener of her music either, but i think this album went over the heads of many(NOT ALL) fans, stans and listeners all the same. I know its Erykah, I know she's one of the cool kids in this over populated homeroom known as the music industry, and I know it makes you one of the cool kids for liking her, but for this effort i think its ok to say...I don't get it.

I made a huge mistake going into this album. After listening to one of the hottest tracks so far this year, the first single "Honey", I went in with the mindset that Erykah would be on some Mama's Gun/ Baduizm type shit, but once i got to track 3 on New Amerykah I realized, that was FAR from the case. The album starts out with a funky...intro? track? who the hell knows, but whatever it is it definitely gets to the point and sets up the album perfectly, that is until you glimpse at the stereo and realize your 4 minutes deep and it isn't off yet! much like the majority of New Amerykahs tracks, this one overstays its welcome, and the last few seconds is pointless ramble and destroys the momentum from the next track, one of New Amerykahs best, "The Healer".

This track should be changed to "The Grower", because that's exactly what it will do. If you don't fall in love with the track automatically because you think Erykah is trying to claim your soul, or because its just so different, then you definitely owe it to yourself to give it a few more listens. The head nod inducing track is produced by Madlib, a California based producer/rapper/dj and chronicles Erykah undying love for hiphop, stating that "Its bigger than religion". Directly following "The Healer" is the infectious "Me" and proves that one song going directly to the next works beautifully for Erykah, all extras aren't needed.

This year, Erykah will release New AmErykah, a series of at least two albums (the first of course being 4th World War and the second dropping in the summer) dealing with sociopolitical issues that will come to life through different musical styles jumping from multiple decades. That's great and all and I applaud the ambition behind it, for something like this isn't done in R&B (and NO Beyonce re releasing Bday doesn't count!) but I would have preferred it if Erykah left ALL the concepts at the door!, with 5 years since her last studio album it would have been MORE than refreshing just to get an album of hers showcasing her amazing voice, lyrics and knack for working with brilliant producers, instead this album is bogged down with over thought and forced experimentation.

The main problem with New Amerykah is the overall random feel the album showcases all too frequently. From the unnecessary mumblings and chanting that comes after many songs, that practically ruin the transition and interrupts the mood, i.e. "Me" . Tracks would have shined and the point would have came across PERFECTLY without any of the extras, i.e. "Twinkle" and "Soldier". At other times I feel to truly understand and enjoy this album you have to go on a treasure hunt, waiting sometimes 2 minutes through a track just to get a refreshing and much needed surprise, a vintage Erykah Badu sound when a track switches up in mid listen! This most notably happens on tracks like "Master Teacher" and "The Hump", The former going into a beautiful lounge type track and the ladder into a slow soulful groove that would have went PERFECTLY on Baduizm. Erykah isn't exactly new to doing this, showcasing this on Mamas Gun with "Green Eyes", but the difference then was the track went from great to GREATER. That track didn't leave you thinking "Why didn't she make the entire album sound like this? or at least the entire song".

This is not really a drive through town on a spring day while enjoying the music type of album, unless u have your skip finger ready just in case you don't want random chanting blasting from your ride. I'm sure Erykah developed this album with a certain mind set, in a certain environment and naturally assumed her fans will be on that wave length with her, but im afraid not everyone is willing to get high and listen to this album while laying under their beds in moon suits or whatever other weird shit that she may have intended. With that said i do believe Erykah is brilliant and shes never really been a slave to formulaic Soul R&B, but when you try TOO hard to be deep, different and experimental, it kind of comes off as weird, unnecessary, and pretentious...which basically sums up this album for the most part.

I Give New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War a C

In Stores Now!!!!!!!!

Agree with me? let me know! if u absolutely disagree and think im on something? let me kno that too! hit up the comment section and share!!!!...remember, sharing is caring!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Danger Mouse to work with Beck? YES LAWD!

While roaming through the Okayplayer message boards I came across this gem of information....Danger Mouse, 1 half of Gnarls Barkley, will be producing the upcoming Beck album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN! I can not wait for this collaboration, 2 weird ass people that make GENIUS music on their own teaming up? STOP IT!...I just pray it isnt TOO WIERD (u kno, on some Erykah Badu hypnotic chanting type shit..but more about THAT tomorrow) pardon me while I go listen to Sexx laws

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

'The Odd Couple' Tracklisting

Now according to the boys new video may make fans all fucked up in the head...And No not because of the Justin Timberlake cameo! Click Here to fine out why. Now check out the Official I the only one completely AMPED?

"Charity Case"
"Who's Gonna Save My Soul"
"Going On"
"Would Be Killer"
"Open Book"
"No Time Soon"
"She Knows"
"Blind Mary"
"A Little Better"

The Odd Couple in stores April 8th!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

So u can take '4 Minutes to Save the World', but not a song?

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After listening to the HQ radio rip of the new Madonna Song "4 Minutes to Save the World" featuring Justin Timberlake and produced by Timbaland, I realized this song is kinda hot...if it were someone ELSE singing the female vocals besides Madonna, for any OTHER album besides Hard Candy. Im not saying that Madonna brings down the track AT ALL, it just doesn't seem like a Madonna track period. Im sure its the quality of the radio rip that makes Madonna's vocals seem almost non existent next to the loud looping horns and Justin Timberlake.

The main problem I have with the song is that it sounds like something that should have been on Timbaland's Shock Value album, not a new Madonna record...especially after releasing an album like Confessions on the Dancefloor that had such a STRONG first single... For those that have heard the song already, honestly tell me u cant picture Nelly Furtado on the track instead of Madonna and have it feel more believable? With that said I feel the track is TOO Timbaland and not enough Madge.

Im honestly not surprised because I think Timbo has been wearing himself thin for YEARS...hes not at a creative peek as he once was when an Aaliyah song sounded NOTHING like a Missy Elliot song. Now you cant tell a Justin song from a 50 cent song from a Nelly Furtado song, and now apparently from a Madonna song. I fear the new project will be overproduced and nothing more than a forced attempt to top the Hot 100 Charts. Seeing that Flo-rida's hideous single "Low" has dominated that chart for the past 10 weeks, that would be my indication as an "artist" to stay as far away from that goal as possible.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rhythmic Review: Janet Jackson - Discipline

Over the past few years, when it came to Janet and her music it's been a lose/lose situation for her. Damita Jo was an extremely solid album overshadowed with controversy,that wont get anymore attention from me past this sentence, so yanno, it must have been bad right? wrong. On 20 Y.O, faithful fans justifiably screamed they were ignored when a sound directed more toward a BET friendly audience made up the bulk of the album. A Pop/R&B hybrid sound perfectly molded by Janet earlier on in her career, that could be appreciated by not only the Beckys of the world but also the Beckeishas, was abandoned, an album was appreciated by many was slammed by many more. Now with her 10th studio album, Discipline on the shelves, new cries and concerns are being made by fare weather fans and critics alike. Janets not growing! Janets too old!! I miss old Janet!!, which for many new and young fans is The Velvet Rope Janet...yea those that don't even own Rhythm Nation or janet still feel the need to flap their gums. She just cant win, Penny is STILL getting the iron!!! Luckily this time around shes not trying to cater to anyone or recapture any particular sound of the past, only to fail miserably like a few other divas have...this time shes simply doing what she does best, and that's have FUN, proving that Janet is at her best when she does what the hell she wants with or without the help or input of others.

I initially went into this album completely detaching Janet the CELEBRITY from it. When it comes to an album with entirely TOO much hype surrounding it that's what I tend to do, its the best thing to do to get a fair review and a fair appreciation for it. I can care less how ugly her man is, how many nipples she's shown to the world, or her age. Its ALL about the material, and for the most part on this album, the material is damn good. With that out of the way I appreciated the fact that this is a great pop album and a solid Janet album.

I'm far from a Janet Stan so I purchased and listened to this album off of the strength of the AMAZING first single "FeedBack" and follow up "Luv", both produced by Rodney Jerkins, who is at his best and makes you wonder why he didn't do the entire album if the chemistry between he and Janet would produce tracks like this. These songs are very reminiscent of Full Moon era Brandy, but much more suitable and believable because its Janet, Miss Jackson if ya nasty!!!!!!! bringing the futuristic songs to life instead of yanno... Moesha. Thanks to Rodney many of the Interludes Janet is so famously known for doesn't seem as much of a hindrance and unnecessary as they have on past albums, and in a few cases add to the appeal of the song that follows it like on the infectious and fan favorite "So Much Betta".

While were on So Much Better, Bringing in the shock value on this album are the tracks produced by Jermaine Dupri that are actually GOOD. Many blamed Dupri for the lacklusterness that was 20 Y.O. but this time around his creations "Rock With You" and "The 1" proves that he is a great producer when he approaches individual artist differently, what works for Mariah or Usher doesn't work for everyone else, who knew. While the former takes you to a care free let go and dance type of mind set the ladder makes you want to pop it as hard as you can and with Missy Elliott along lending guest vocals, it doesn't help much when it comes to fighting the feeling.

This album is by no means perfect, with forgettable tracks like "Never Letchu Go" and The Dream penned, Tricky Stewart produced "Greatest X". Clearly judging by this track these gentlemen completely ignored the reception of 20 y.o. because this song would have went perfectly on there, and I would have hated it just the same. Just because these tracks aren't high tempo dance joints doesn't mean that's why they don't stand out in my mind. The potential single "Can't be Good" gives a perfect head nodding groove alternative to many of the ass shaking uptempo tracks on Discipline while "Whats your name" has summer single written all over it.
The title track of the album along with the closing song "Curtains" Reminds listeners that Janet isn't in competition with the Beyonces or the Britneys of the world but is following her own path, one paved by herself alittle over 2 decades ago. With majority of her albums, Janet has always possessed one important thing, a point of view, no matter how overdone or repetitive it may have been, shes always had one. Proclaiming that shes "misbehaved" and that her "punishment should fit her crime" Janet comes off strong and comfortable in every good possible way, although a bit reminiscent of that one overly sexual track from like every Janet album since the janet album itself back in 93.

I think that Discipline is a VERY solid album, her best since 2001's All For You. The production is genius on the tracks that work and along with the visuals it all adds up to make this one of the best Pop albums I've experienced in months. Regardless if you want to knit pick at Janet and say she's Too old (apparently after you turn 30, sex and fun shouldn't be in your vocabulary, unless your Mariah and I guess u get a ho pass or something) or focus on her past work and play the compare and contrast game (shes in a happier place and a somewhat simpler time in her life, so I wouldn't imagine her to be as introspective as she was on TVR), this album WORKS and you can't deny that. If this album doesn't perform as expected I hope Janet still chooses to stand behind it, because no matter how popular it is among celebrities to slam an album AFTER it flops (Mariah "GLITTER WAS A SOUNDTRACK DAMMIT!" Carey or Mary J."Love and Life was all LUCIFER AKA DIDDY'S DOING!" Blige and even Janet herself "THE MUSIC JUST WASN'T RIGHT!, ALL 2 ALBUMS WORTH OF TRACKS! OOPSIES") I believe this album deserves the support now and forever because its a suitable addition to the legacy that is Janet Jackson
I give Discipline a B

In Stores Now!!!!!!!