Friday, September 12, 2008

On Hiatus...if yanno...u havent noticed :-)

Sooooooooooooo....I know the postings have been far and FEW between since ive moved to the city of Angels...and wellllll...things are only gonna get lighter due to school and work and weekends...0:-)...that is until I revamp the blog COMPLETELY and relaunch RhythmicWords at the end of the year!!!! and will be bigger, better, and sassier! the same of the good shit...which is basically me talking shit! and reviews here and there yanno....but since ive been M.I.A. lately, lets do a quick run down of things ive missed, that i would normally give my 2cents on...cuz hats what i do.....

The VMAs = If the budget gets anyless, next years ceremony will be held in my parking garage...and oddly enough it probably wouldnt suck as much as it did this year.

New Music = Solange's album is amazing and Nikka Costa has a brand new album coming out Pebble To a Pearl Oct 14, so make sure you snatch it...

Fashion Rocks = You know shit is bad when Rihanna gives a better lip sync vocal than Mariah Carey....BUT! i will not and i shall not hate on Beyonce and her damn good rendition of "At last"

Raphael Saadiq = An Amazing man, releasing an amazing album SEPTEMBER 16TH!!!!!

Now sit tight till next time, but in the meantime! make sure u check out the blogroll to the right and knock urselves out :-)