Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This or That

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On Monday night, like any other Monday, i tuned into the CW primetime night line-up (actually i didn't tune in till 9pm. Everybody Hates Chris was cute the first episode, but like the Bernie Mac show, I didnt really give a shit about it after the first few episodes...and the other show about the lil foreign exchange student? why?) but anyhoo my former IT show Girlfriends and my new found fav The Game came on and i tuned into both. It wasn't until after that hour i realized how much The Game has grown and how entertaining it has become, while how much Girlfriends has gotten downright depressing! The thing i love about the game this season is the balance of drama and comedy, yea 'derwin' and 'melanie' have more issues than a Mary J Blige song but its counteracted with the sass of 'Tasha' and the bubbly personality of 'Kelly'. On Girlfriends i respect the serious situations being brought in this season, Miscarriage, Iraq, Marital issues etc. but DAMN was i the only one under the impression that this show is a COMEDY? and I'm sorry, but 'Joans' quirkyness and 'Myas' bitch please personalities can only keep u gigglin for so many seasons...So I ask u guys, which one are u feeling more?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Rhythmic Review: Britney Spears - Blackout

I was abit reluctant about writing this review because it meant i would have to listen to the album lol..BUT im glad i did listen, because aside from the trainwreck that is Britney's life (which i wont be addressing because hey, this is an ALBUM review, i could give a shit about what she does to lil preston bacon federline or wth ever his name is), shes put out an album that's VERY close to POP PERFECTION.

Being someone who couldn't really tolerate the first half of her career(and arguably most successful part of her career), it wasn't until the release of her 2001 third album Britney when i could actually digest her offerings without needing some sort of antacid afterwards. That album showed a glimpse of what britney could do if she strayed, somewhat, away from the then bubblegum pop formula, the Neptunes produced 'Im a Slave For You' anyone? Once 2003's In The Zone dropped i actually started the dig the girl(Hell i even bought burned the album) and the direction she was going in especially with tracks like "Outrageous", "In the Zone" and the Grammy award winning (her first and only) "Toxic".

The Producers, more so than Britney, should be praised for this effort, providing nearly flawless dancepop beats that couldnt fail. Nate Hills, Avant, Bloodshy, Sean Garrett, Kara DioGuardi, Freescha, Farid "Fredwreck" Nassar, The Clutch, and The Neptunes all add their VERY special touches to help take Britney into Kylie Minogue-ish territory. This is the most obvious on tracks like "Heaven On Earth" and the Club ready "Get Naked (I got a plan)". The intent of this album is to take the listener away from the preconceived notions that surround Britney by hitting u over the head with a sound that's so good you would think it couldn't possibly BE Britney, smart. Straying away from any possible serious issue and directed you to the nearest dancefloor is the overall feel of the entire album, with the exception of the closing track, The Neptunes produced "Why Should I be Sad". This song is a 3 minute crash course into the ups and downs of Britney's car crash of a marriage, but oddly enough it strays away from the potential cornyness and cheese that the track could have easily suffered from and just shares a dark part of Britneys life on her own terms, kudos Pharrell.

Its sad that that the album isn't getting the proper attention it DESERVES, i.e.: a LEGIT album cover, POSITIVE publicity, a video that doesn't look like it was shot in a tacky strip club of a dancer named CandySpice and a sane artist behind it. But throughout Britney's career you cant deny her evolution and growth, all without potential gimmicks and forced personas along the way (I love you and the Stripped era anyway, Christina!). Even with the current issues going on in her life, you cant take this album away from her, no matter what the intention of it is Blackout is the apex of Brittney's catalog, give her that.

I give Blackout 4 Remy Indian lacefronts out of 5 ...because the bitch needs em!

Blackout In Stores Tuesday!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

'Just Fine' Full Video

The Lord is my shepard and he knows what i like!!!!!!...AMEN! it may come as no surprise to some but...I am absolutely in love with this video and the looks! Mary is looking better than she has in YEARS...amen...this video takes me back to "All That I Can Say" as far as being beautiful and just an overall fun video...LMAO @ mary gettin it at the end wit her lil bow tie.

"Like Youll Never See Me Again"

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So i snatched this from wonderful Toya over at Toyas World..This is slated to be Alicia's second single and is produced by Justin Timberlake's sideline hoe Timbaland. The song is nice and the lyrics is pure Alicia, BUT i cant help but feel with this song and with 'No One' that this new sound from Alicia is forced. It seems as if she's being pressured into recreating her sound and aslong as it doesnt sound like anything she's done in the past than its a GOOD thing, which isnt turning out to be the case. I admire her trying to push the bonderies on her voice and all, but everytime i watch her perform 'No One' i send a quick prayer up that her ass doesnt collapse on stage.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Common's 'I Want You' Video

Heres the New video to Commons single "I want You' the video is directed by the beautiful actress Kerry Washington and features cameos from Alicia Keys, Kanye west, Serena Williams and Derek Luke..

I absolutely LOVE the video...a great video for a great song, Kerry managed to capture the haunting feeling of the song perfectly....its definitely a different video for hip hop and that's a GOOD THING..a video that makes u stay tuned to see what happens next, rather than to see what comes off next is always fine by me..The Over the top cameos don't bother me, i mean if anything it adds to the interest..i rather see an unnecessary cameo by Alicia Keys than Buffy the body randomly spread eagle any day, but that's just me...I enjoy seeing an artist grow not only musically but visually, an artist doesn't always need a video shot with an Instamatic and a budget cheaper than a value meal to account for their credibility as a musician.

As far as the song..genius..Wil.I.Am continues to amaze and mystify a man can put something like this out aswell as 'My humps' and 'She Get It From Her Mama' is beyond me.

Monday, October 22, 2007

'Just Fine' Preview

Mary in a fur AND rockin a sassy Barret again? i can barely contain myself

Nigga Who ya Foolin?

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After recent rumors about Omari Ishmael Grandberrylicious swirled around about the bloggerhood, he showed up at the Tmobile LGX party the other night with this lovely girl....Welp i guess that answered that...How in the world could he be gay? hes with a woman!! and we ALLLLLLLLLLL know that a man CANT be gay if hes in a relationship with a woman!..look theyre even holding hands!...way to show the world who u are Omarion...Good way to run damage control Chris Stokes *rolls eyes*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Soon As I Get Home...

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Disclaimer!!!!: This is a write about 90s R&B...GOOD u beyonce stans may wanna sit this one out..u may get a nose bleed from reading....

Its not uncommon for me to listen to one cd once every 2, 3 or even 4 months between each listen, but its rare that i listen to a album and fall MORE inlove with it each listen. Faith Evan's 1995 debut Faith is definitely one of those for me, I've ALWAYS loved the album, but as i get older and with each listen i appreciate it for what it is, what it was intended to be, and what it surpassed...

Faith has always been thought of as the poor man's Mary J. Blige, but for every "People" that Barbara Streisand had, Bette Midler had a "Do U Want To Dance" that was fierce in its own right! (and no im not saying Mary is Barbara Streisand, so put the pistols just stating that many people love(d) Barbara, but that didn't keep Bette from making good music...same with Mary and Faith :-) cool it) After the Initial Success with Mary, Puffy thought it would be cute if he made a Mary 2.0.... BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER (vocally he succeeded, take a listen to their 'Love Dont Live Here Anymore' duet if u dont think so) but he failed to take into account one much as u try and mimic a sound and feeling, the personality of the artist WILL ALWAYS come through the music (love @ life anyone?)...and while Mary was a bottle poppin (sometimes over bitches heads) coke snortin train wreck..Faith wasn't...and it came through in her music...Faith was a much more polished and smoother version of Whats The 411...From the time Mary first dropped in the early summer of 92 untill the time Faith did in the late summer of 95 the Diddster had time to perfect his musical direction and his production skills ability to get a good production team together and take all of their credit...and THIS time around he didn't have to put up with an artist that actually spoke her mind and gave much sure Faith was his wet dream come true (that yanno, actually involved a woman)...

Yea i said it...Faith is better than Whats the my opinion ofcourse...but My Life it is NOT..why? because formula can get u only so far and work in your favor so much..MARY made that album what it is..the pain in her voice, the conviction in her the words, the rock in her hand!...all of these things made that album what it was and what it will always be...a CLASSIC...While i do believe that album, and the antics of Mary herself, helped push her into the Level of success she experiences was also the GROWTH...where Faith herself has fallen short of...With every album a bit of faith has been lost, atleast the initial faith that came across on her debut album. If You listen to every Faith album (all 4) in chronological order, by the time you hit 2005's The First Lady you'd ask yourself "Who is this broad?"...u walk away knowing nothing more than shes a girl with a GREAT voice that loves to sing...Where as you listen to every Mary studio album (all 7) in chronological order you get a GOOD idea of who she is, what shes been through and how shes overcame...Could it be because Mary has 3 albums on Faith? I don't think so, because if u look at Mary's first 4 (which didn't span over the course of 10 years like Faith's) you still see an EXTREME amount of growth from Whats The 411 to, My personal favorite Mary album, 99's Mary. Even with the trials and tribulations that surrounded Faith around the time she recorded The First Lady, on the album she still kinda had nothing much to say..

I'm not saying that Faith should run out and collaborate with the first old white rocker she see's, or beat us in the head about what shes went through every 5 minutes (i still love u anyway Mary!)..I guess i just want to see an album that says FAITH just like her debut did, rather than say THIS IS WHAT MUSIC IS NOW...and i have a feeling that's coming from her soon, shes too much of a powerful voice to continue to have nothing to say!...In every artist career there is a Glitter, a Love and Life, and in Faith's case...a Keep The Faith moment *shivers*...but I'm almost positive the her debut wont be the only memorable moment of her career...I'm definitely not counting her out..and I don't think u should either.

Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?...and Whats an album for you guys that makes u fall inlove with it more everytime u listen to it? leave a comment

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Diva Winter

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According to, Mariah Carey's new album Sweet Soul Odyssey has been pushed back from its original December 4th release to now being released in February. This means she will be releasing her album around the same time as Janet Jackson's and Madonna's upcoming effort's. Mariah, Janet and Madonna...or as i like to affectionately refer to them as The Trinity of Hits and Misses...will all be dukin it out in the MAGNIFICENT month of february (my birthday month btw!!!!!) and im curious to see who comes out on top...dont get me wrong im a HUGE fan of all 3 of these lovely ladies, BUT i have a feeling Janet's album will be as successful as George W. Bush as a President...Madonna will have a strong first week sales and then go down the charts faster than madonna herself behind a nightclub in the 80's (rimshot)...Mariah i see coming out the victor out of these 3, but with rumored collaborations from Da Brat..I dont see that being much of a flawless victory.

Rhythmic Roundup

Brandy looks great!... i still give every range rover i see on the free way the side eye thanks to her ass tho [ahotmess]

Rich Proves that he is not only a GENIUS for his top model recaps...he's a hottie too [Fourfour]

Ashanti pushes back her album to February, unfortunately not to the 5th of Never [Toyas World]

Who's return are you most looking forword to?..more like whos return is actually going to happen [SoulBounce]

G Unit set to collaborate with Lil Kim on a new G Unit ears bleed with anticipation [Rap-Up]

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sister Candy

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In this outfit, Doesn't Alicia kinda look like that one whorish member of the church that always manages to show some type of cleavage/ass every Sunday regardless of what she wears? and her ass always sittin in the front row winkin at the pastor, with a name like "Candy" or "Peaches"...forshame

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Joss Stone ruining her career?

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Heres An Interested read with 2 of Joss' ex managers (shes had 4 total) they're talking about how Joss is basically making bad decisions in her career and how its gonna go to shit in the long run if she continues the way she is...all of her managers have been fired mind u, but heres a comment Joss' second manager Alex Cole made that made me do the scooby doo URRRRRRRR!

"When anyone tells her she can't do something creatively – perhaps she shouldn't sing a certain song or take a particular movie role because they won't find an audience – she says she wants to be true to herself and sees her advisers as selling out."

yea girl..kudos on droppin Alex's ass..if u kept him around yo ass probably would've been ELLA ELLA AYE'N this summer..and that WOULDNT have been a good look

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Alicia on The Tonight Show

Ok so i kno its been a minute since i posted something..but ehhh goin to school can do u guys enjoy the rest of the weekend while i enjoy the gloomy weather and this bowl of raisin bran pardon me while i finish watching Sparkle on TvOne...but before i go lemme leave you with a sassy performance by Alicia Keys on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...i love how it looks like shes just smashing the keyboard instead of actually playing anything... very Josie n the Pussycats of her....enjoy

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup...

..'Cuzz this shit aint important enough to make a full post

Bobby Brown has been Hospitalized over a "Heart attack scare" is that what the kids are callin it now? [TMZ]

Kelly Rowland will try to stay relavent, while i will try to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year...i have a feeling we will both fail miserably [Bossip]

Maybe Tameka isnt a bad person after all? You say shes a bitch, i say shes doing God's work[Rhymes with Snitch]

Amy Winehouse doesn't give A shit about her Q award...literally [Ahotmess]

Britney gets her shit pushed up because yanno...the game just NEEDS her [Billboard]

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Now I am an absolute Mary STAN, anyone that knows me, knows that...BUT today my girl showed me this youtube clip and i was NO MO' GOOD...Whomever made this should be put upon a thrown and worshipped...and then shot, cuzz..NOBODY BETTA SAY NOTHIN BOUT MY MARY!


Monday, October 8, 2007

New Goldfrapp Album News

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Today on Goldfrapp's MySpace a blog message was posted letting fans know that they should mosey on over to their official website to get the good word on the upcoming album, so i gallivanted to see for myself what was goin on and heres what was said...
News has reached these parts that after months of beavering away in studios
from the West Country to the West Coast, and having returned from their recent
stint in LA LA land, Alison and Will are in the UK putting the finishing touches
to the album this week. As yet untitled, it will be rearing its antlers early
next year.
I honestly cant wait...Now for my readers that dont kno who in the hot fuck Goldfrapp is....They're an Electronica/dance/pop duo consisting of Will Gregory(synths) and Allison Goldfrapp (synths/vocals/all around fierce bitch)...think...Groove Theory but with ALOT more glitter and disco balls..Goldfrapp blew up in America only a few years ago with the INFECTIOUS first singles "Ohh La La"...from their Grammy nominated album Supernature
, which they SHOULD have won, but they lost to Madonna'a Confessions on a Dance Floor because yanno...shes Madonna and the Recording Academy feels guilty for not giving her grammys back in the day when she was they feel the need to make up for it now...Supernature was an EXTREMELY good album is this type of music is your bag, definitely check it out if u haven't.

Track by track Preview of "American Gangster"

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POPWATCH has previewed some of the tracks that can be exprected from the upcoming Jay Z album "American Gangster" (November 6th)...Heres an excerpt....

"The beats are dominated by warm, powerful soul samples, even more so than on Jay's 2001 classic The Blueprint; the lyrics outlining a street hustler's mentality are by turns as clever, as incisive, as gritty, as moving as any in his catalogue"

On that note AMEN!...soulful samples is what made me fall in LOVE with the blueprint and helped add that little touch that would make it a CLASSIC album...Now lets hope that "blue magic" was nothing more than just a teaser single and doesnt give any forshadowing of what the rest of the album will sound like, because lets be honest!...if that exact same song was produced by any NO NAMED producer, it wouldnt even be a single, teaser or not...let ALONE on the album....when will people learn that The Neptunes Pharrell doesnt equal an automatic HIT anymore??

Saturday, October 6, 2007

October's Arist of the Month


When i first heard Feist's SUPREME rendition of the 1979 BeeGees hit "Love you Inside and Out" in the summer of 05 i was so BLOWN AWAY that i didn't waste anytime and went out the VERY next day and bought her second solo album "Let It Die". That album was a beautiful mix of jazz and alternative rock, but the highlight of it all was Feist's soft, crisp, textured voice...Although Feist has been around for years, shes just recently gotten success and airplay in the states with her incredibly infectious second single "1234" from her third solo album "The Reminder". As of this week, the song has peeked at number 8 on the hot 100 chart, thanks to digital downloads alone. Aside from that you've most likely already heard numerous other songs by feist being played during damn near every single commercial that came out this year, from Verizon to Apple and Ebay, hell i wouldn't be surprised if they started playin "Mushaboom" during a Dr. Miracle Commercial....Sounds like FEIST needs to change her name to FIERCE, shooooo...Heres a snippet of her Biography from AOL MUSIC

Leslie Feist was born on February 13, 1976 in Amherst, Nova Scotia. However, she
and her family soon went west, and she spent the majority of her childhood in
the prairie towns of Regina and Calgary. It was in the latter city, Canada’s
so-called “Cow Town,” that she formed her first band, a punk group called
Placebo. As she recalls, “My first proper gig was “opening” for the Ramones at
an outdoor festival when my high school punk band won a battle of the bands

Check out Feist's INCREDIBLY CREATIVE video for "1234" ...after checking that out head on over to her MYSPACE..listen, add her, spread the word and appreciate...GOOD MUSIC!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Keylolo Cole's new video

AOL Music debuted Keyshia New video for "Shoulda Let You Go" today and u guys can check it out right here if u have yet to see it....

I absolutely love it...been a big fan of the song since i first heard it and the video only made me like it more..Ofcourse Rodney Jerkins, whom produced it, is clearly still using the same technique and equipment like its 1998 and brandy still matters...but this song is nothing new or original, but damn if i dont like the sass keylolo excudes on it, and she looks gorgeous in it! shes not giving me slauson swapmeet hoodrat this time around, which is ALWAYS a good thing...what do u all think of it?

3 divas hit up Oprah

I kno you guys peeped the youtube clips of The Ones that Matter from the movie The Cast of the upcoming movie "Why Did I Get Married" on the web today. Like an idiot i MISSED the episode when it originally aired tuesday..i DIDNT HAVE CLASS OR ANYTHING, but my simple ass forget, i had the dvr all ready :-/...but these will suffice just fine...

I think EVERYONE looks GREAT...Janets Lookin like she did back in the "All For You" days, Tyler looks like he just showered with a fresh bar of ZEST (honey melon scent ofcourse) and Jill Scott looks absolutely FLAWLESS!(someone give that woman some grammys, oscars, humanitarian awards SOMETHIN fo the "The Real Thing" album)...Galivant on over to That Grape Juice to view the other 6 clips from that show...i personally CANT WAIT to see the movie, i adored it as soon as i seen the preview and looking at the clips they played on the show just makes me wanna see it even more...what about u guys?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Billboard 200

Country EASILY claims the top spot on this weeks charts, with Rascal Flatts pushing 547,000 copies...but the news I actually care about....Keyshia came in at number 2 (congrats to her, maybe now she'll stop actin like someone pissed in her hair dye), "Just Like You" pushed 281,000 copies, a vast improvement over her first album that only peeked at number 6...Jill Scott pushed 148,000 copies to come in a nice 4th place...AMEN (now i kno if beyonce debuted with these numbers she'd choke herself with an old weave track, but for Jill this is some big shit, sadly thats how it is) If u havent purchased "The Real Thing" than ur DEFINATELY missin out on some GREAT music that EASILY deserves your $9.99... Chaka, Will.I.AM and Jagged edge also debuted on the charts...for the rest of the rundown head over to

So lemme get this right....
No homework from my english class this weekend

A new episode of Top Model and a season finale of Top Chef comes on tonight

50 cent has yet to 1 mill in america..STILL

I ask Could this day get any better?....oh wait...Soulja boy is still breathing...So theres room for improvement

Monday, October 1, 2007

That was some depressing ass shit

Image and video hosting by TinyPic no genius...and im FAR from an Alexyss K. Tyler...but ehhh, isnt Girlfriends a comedy? and for a show to be considered a comedy, it has to be...funny? it could have been just me, but wasnt Monday night's season premiere about as funny as a dog fight? I knew after Jill Marie Jones (Toni Childs) jumped ship that the show was goin to hell in a handbasket (say what you want, but Toni childs MADE that show, and provided some of the more memorable in point...lmao ERRRR! NOT AHHH! AHHH!! AHHH!! and were not EVEN gonna get into her ongoing thing about forgetting Jabari's name...GENIUS!)...But i figured after Jones left, the show would find some way to compensate for one of their major comedic roles being out of the picture by providing funnier situations for remaining girls could get into...Now i watched last season (on and off) to see what direction the girls were going in and to see how they adapted and grew..but Jumping the Shark damn near EVERY other episode was something i wasnt expecting....Like Joan finding Love, somewhat falling OUT, only to run into an old flame "Brock" who now coincidentally wants kids?(he didnt, which is the reason for their breaking up) please!!!!!...Or how about Maya becoming PREGNANT after her husband comes home from chasing his nascar dreams (that DIDNT work out)..Or Lynn finally finding herself as a musician (or whatever that shit is) and then working with BIGBOI...BUT losing love YET a PREACHER at that!!!!( is it just me or is the show turning into Good Times without all the sassy James Evans one liners?..I mean, does something bad have to happen EVERY episode?)

ALL in all i think even if Jill Marie decides that baileys aint payin the big bucks anymore and comes back to the show, it just wont have that feeling it once did...all shows go through it...Martin (no tisha campbell? one monkey did kinda stop that show) and Living Single (who the fuck was trip and whos idea was it to make Sinclair and Overton smart?) comes to mind...but hopefully this season will have a few memorable moments as i feel this show is coming to an end soon...and if u cant go out with a bang...atleast go out with a pow

But this is just MY 2 cents...what did u guys think of it? or did u even watch?

Alicia Covers EBONY

Click to see Full Size

I aint mad atcha Alicia, g'on girl...Alicia is a gorgeous girl and whenever she decides to show us that im lovin it...alot of people miss the braids and penis but im diggin this new chic look! Im anxiously awaiting the new album to hear some new material, that hopefully will make "No One" seem like a britney spears song, Cuzz Jesus be a back up plan if "No One" is the albums Ipex...but below u can find a clip of Alicia in Harlem at the "CGI and MTV Present: Giving - Live at the Apollo" singing "Superwoman" a track from the new album...what do u guys think?
Uploaded by kurb35

Rhythmic Roundup

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Cuz these muthafuckas GOTTA LEARN! (NovaSlim)

Heres the Tracklisting and Cover for Nas' Best Of album...His arch game is MEAN..take notes keyshia (Nah Right)

Nana Campbell Shakes a Tailfeather for the Italian Dancing with the Stars...I pray her partner has patience...and a mean dodging game (Bossip)

Kanyes Skit on SNL...u KNO its bad when THIS is the funniest part of a hour and 1/2 show( A hot Mess)

I think its cute when Alicia Keys does something to remind us she REALLY has a vagina...because yanno..its so easy to forget (ConcreteLoop)

Sugar is over there speakin the TRUTH..i aint mad atcha girl (Sugar and Spice)

People honestly cant expect a woman named "Super Head" to keep her mouth shut, right? (Talk of the Town)