Friday, July 18, 2008

Rhythmic Interviews

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to land an interview with Singer- Song writer Imani Coppala, 1/2 of the group Little Jackie. During the Interview we touched on various subjects from What/who inspired her to write the song "Cryin' for the Queen," to what was her favorite curse word (yes, here at rhythmicwords we're abit more laid back...Dateline we are not)...Heres some background info on Imani so you all can get a better idea of who this talented woman is....

Coppola had an early brush with fame when a demo she cut with Digable Planets
producer Michael Mangini during her freshman year at the State University of New
York landed her a record deal with Columbia Records. In 1997 the
19-year-old music composition major’s debut record “Chubacabra” earned radio and
MTV buzz with the cheeky, Neneh-Cherry-reminiscent lead single “Legend of a
Cowgirl” and her dynamic NYC persona was introduced to mainstream America.

Now check it out, and make sure you guys get the album The Stoop, out now!!!!!!!


Shaniqua said...

So, if she was signed by Columbia back in the mid 90's and she is still struggling to be heard...I don't think this is the biz for her.

RhythmicSoul said...
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RhythmicSoul said...

Love that you see the cup as half empty shaniqua lol...but in the music industry it isnt always that simple...its extremely rare people become overnight a day and age when we have soldier boys and crap like that, it may seem like if your givin one chance and you sore, that automatically means your meant for the game, and if its anything different than u shouldnt quit your day job....But in all actuality there has been Many artist that have landed deals, lost deals, done albums and have them never to come out..only to find a home later and reach major success!....Neyo pops into my head right off the bat