Tuesday, November 13, 2007

'Like You'll Never See Me Again' Video

This video is just too precious, it reminds me of "if i aint got you" but prettier and without that horrible cat fur jacket she was rockin, shit was horrible...Alicia and Common make an ADORABLE couple, even tho im sure they will deny rumors about any relationship EVER until the day they die...Alicia betta g'on and have that mans baby shoooooo, OMG THOUGHT! yall know how common is when he gets a taste of the musician snatch (MMmmmHMmm @ his Erykah badu phase)...just think how his music would be if he started bangin Alicia! FIERCE...his ass would probably be wearin fedoras and every song on his album would have a Nina Simone sample...wait, all that and not even 1 kiss? WTH

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spontaneous said...

you a trip! I would love to see these two in a movie as love interests. The video is great I love the story going in reverse you think you know the ending but you don't. That song is so beautiful.