Saturday, November 3, 2007

New release date for 'Growing Pains' + Tracklisting

Mark the calender bishes

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1. Work That
2. Grown Woman
3. Just Fine
4. Feel Like A Woman
5. Stay Down
6. Talk To Me
7. Shake Down
8. Till The Morning
9. Nowhere Fast
10. Roses
11. Fade Away
12. What Love Is
13. Work In Progress (Growing Pains)
14. Hurt Again
15. Smoke
16. Come To Me (Peace)
17. Mirror feat. Eve
18. Sleep Walkin'
19. Sky Cap

Now heres the RUMORED tracklisting for the upcoming album...thoughts? I think its a bit too long so hopefully this is just something thats being thrown around..i PREFER an album with 14 to 16 tracks AT MOST...short, sweet and to the point..a long album can overstay its welcome and can tend to bore u after awhile

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spontaneous said...

I truly doubt her CD will have all these tracks on it. That is to much for one CD! Looking forward to it regardless though.