Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup...

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The always radiant Keisha enjoys her babyshower with fellow total member Lickemlow Pam, Brandy and others. Knowing that Kima is holding down security at the front gate, why wouldnt she? [Talk of the Town]

Heres Mary's Official Tracklisting, now THIS is more like it... [Rap-Up]

While were on Mary, listen to her show Adam and the rest of the Maroon boys how its done on the "Wake Up Call" Remix [Urban Review]

What is a metrosexual? REALLY?? chances are its not your uncle Leon that always matches his socks with a sassy church shoe at every family function like u thought. [Sugar N Spice]

Alicia isn't throwing on a flanel Tshirt and trading in her indian remy for a K.D Lang cut anytime soon [Does this come in pink?]

G's up, Pencils Down..The funny folks over at The Real give their humor to the strike [The Real]

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