Thursday, November 1, 2007

'Growing Pains' Album Cover

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Now pardon me while i convulse on the floor from fierceness overload, excuse me....

...Ok all better...I snatched this from Fresh over at C+D, forgive my tired Michael Kors impression but...ITS CHIC...ITS NOW...ITS HIP!...ugh Mary ur sickening, but what would i be without you?


spontaneous said...

Mary doing the damn thing! She looks older on this cover (in a good way). It fits the title growing pains she is a grown a$$ woman and fly as ever. Can't wait till the CD hits stores Just Fine has grown on me big time.

RhythmicSoul said...

YANNO..when i first heard just fine i was like ehhhh..because it didnt strike me as first single material..but then again many said that about "all that i can say" and its one of my favorite mary songs of all time now...shes definately giving me the 'Mary' vibe i thought i would get from 'The Breakthrough'