Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Janet wants to 'Rock Witchu' this fall

So this is supposedy the new promo art I snatchedgot from ToyasWorld for the upcoming Janet Jackson 'Rock With U' tour, that kicks off on September 11th.
I know alot of you janet fans are giving this whole tour hooplah the BIG side eye, since she was supposed to go out for the 20 y.o album but never did, but this time I think its all legit.

Tickets go on sale June 7th and lawd knows im gonna get mines, especially if shes gonna be looking as fierce as she does in this promo pic. (I love janet, lawd KNOWS I DO, but if i have to see her dance in one more pair of parachute pants and bug stomping boots, im gonna fucking SCREAM I swear) You dont know WHEN this heffa goin back out on the road again so make you guys get the tickets while theyre hot!

Now enjoy a clip of Janet on Ellen the other day cuttin a rug to Rhythm Nation.



Musiqlover said...

I've never been to a Janet concert so i might try to purchase some tickets this go round that's if her hard Core fans don't by them all. I love how you write RhythmicSoul i wanna be like u when i grow up lol keep up the good work.

QH said...

Ah, you know I'm over here fagging out right? "Strobe lights make Janet's gay fans looks crazier..."

I can't wait. Move aside fuckers, lol.-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

Musiqlover - you NEED to experience a Janet show, she does the damn thing!! And I know I will be getting my tickets, I just need to figure out where I will be when she passes through! Canada or the US?...lol