Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rhythmic Recommendation: Jennie Laws

Its rare that im put up on an artist that I dont already know, that I like! But today that all changed (Thank ya kindly Aaron)...He presented me with my new song of the summer from an artist named Jennie Laws, that I will DEFINITELY be looking more into, and I certainly hope you guys do the same. Heres whats being said about this new gal on the block...

"With distinctive and dynamic vocal artistry, unique and original songwriting skills Jennie Laws has emerged as a beautiful and brilliantly talented new arrival on the cutting edge of today's music. With the release of her Debut EP featuring such Laws originals as "Heavenly," "I Just Wanna Be Close To You," "Do Deep" and "My Soul," she mixes contemporary urban grooves with folk-flavored nuances, bringing it all together in one accessible and appealing package."

ugh...WHERE...DO...I...SIGN!?!??!...for you guys itching to hear whats all the fuss...Click the link below to take a listen to Jennie's song "Heavenly"...enjoy and let me know, if you guys are feeling this....and if you are, show her some love on her Myspace by listening to a few other songs ("I Just Want to Be Close to You" is a MUST listen) and reading her Bio!...I seriously need to get my hands on that EP...I NEEDS IT IN MY LIFE!!!

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QH said...

Curious...*clicks link*