Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rhythmic Artist of the Month

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For May's artist im going with the up and coming soul siren Duffy. My lovely sister in blogging Tha Connoisseur initially asked me about my thoughts on this artist a few weeks ago, so this month I decided to bring back my thoughs regarding the Rhythmic Artist of the month. Hailing from Wales, this singer-songwriter is considered one of the Amy-ish new comers storming onto the scene from the U.K, with her heavily soul influenced sound and a big voice that shes not afraid to use. I initially became aware of Duffy over a month ago when a friend of mine linked me her "Mercy" video when she was MSN's artist of the week, and not too long later I listened to "Warwick Avenue" after that it was a WRAP. The voice, the style, the production, all of it screamed throw back 60's to me, when genres weren't so clearly defined and artist intentions for a sound were more organic and less contrived to be so this or that, and I loved every minute of it. After listening to her entire album, she had me sold on what she was selling and I believe she has a great future ahead of her.

Now before the comparisons come into play and people begin to make up their minds about her for all the wrong reasons, give her a thorough listen! without taking into account all of the static and praise surrounding her from the Mtv's and the Vh1's of America (because its become so fun to hate on the "next best thing" hasn't it?) and unfair comparisons (not to Amy Winehouse or Estelle, but to a more logical yet lazy Dusty Springfield comparison) One of the things I hate when it comes to a new TALENTED artist is when people say "I don't like him/her because he/she isn't nowhere near as good as _____". Now...I always think..."Who the fuck asked that?" but I digress, Duffy is a talent that should be given a try and if after a good listen she still doesn't float your boat, so be it.

Now check out Duffys video for "Mercy" and then head over to to get better acquainted.


Tha Connoisseur said...

NICE! I just finished reviewing the album for a Toronto urban mag. I LOVE this album. The day I told you I was killing it...well it is still on constant rotation that for real. I had to mention the whole Dusty Springfield/Joss Stone movement thing in my review, god knows the youngin's in Canada may not know about I digress...


QH said...

Meh, I just don't think she resonates with me. I saw her video and it didn't click, but I am sure she'll make a splash nonetheless. Great piece.

Hi Conny! I love your page but can't leave comments.-QH

Tha Connoisseur said...

Awww, I'm feeling the love and I got your comments my dahlin' QH! Keep on showing the love! :)

And you don't like her? Perhaps you need another song besides "Mercy" to do it to ya. Try "Syrup & Honey," that might do it. If not, then I guess she's not for you. :(

Roberta said...

Who would like this ish? Bad taste.

Anonymous said...

Love Duffy! I know it sounds corny, but "Serious" and "Stepping Stone" got me through a bad breakup. Its like she wrote those lyrics knowing my situation.