Sunday, June 15, 2008

Disclaimer time, folks...YAYYYYY!

Who knew we'd get here so fast, huh? time does indeed fly...But recently I've noticed with the growing of the page that there's been many to come along that may not necessarily agree with my review, opinions and/or musical taste and that's COMPLETELY fine and WELCOMED here at rhythmicwords...why? because these are MY words, MY opinions and MY taste that I'm sharing with others in hopes it will introduce them to a different view on things, and not everyone is gonna feel the same way I do, thats a given. One thing that's not completely fine is the harassment and displays of bitchassness within the comment sections and/or within my Email box (stans rubbed the wrong way are RUTHLESS, honey!)

If me calling one your favorite artist a talentless nymph, a bottom feeder, or a wolf in a lacefront only here to do Satan's work angers you to the point I happen to lose you as a reader, I'm sorry, but that's how I feel and all I can tell you is to go elsewhere. Since this is MY blog, these are MY views and they're not going to change by the disapproval of others... If i happen to write something and you strongly disagree or agree with my views, LET IT BE KNOWN! thats what the comment section IS FOR (because sometimes you guys open me up to some things, too)...but what it isn't for is flat out acts in creepyness and unecessary provocation. I WILL NOT have my comment sections looking like an episode of Jerry Springer, sorry. If you want all that, you can take that shit over yonder where its welcomed, cuz....I SHANT BE VICTIMIZED!

that is all :-)

-The Management