Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Someone at BET needs to be FIRED...

...yanno more so than usual...but anyhoo! Today D.L. Hughley was announced as the Host of the 2008 BET awards, set to air Tuesday June 24th. Now it may just be me, but DL hasnt been funny since the 90s, and by that I mean the EARLY 90s. I personally dont get the resurgence in his stock as of late, with 'The Hugleys' being back in syndication on TVone and all (I personally can watch EVE appose to that mess, ANYDAY). Who ever authorized this move should be TERMINATED...can we say Damon Wayans? that year was single handedly the WORST, he was so unfunny I was embarrassed for him...I can only cross my fingers this year wont be TOO tragic, plus i have to look at the bright side...they could have gotten Chris Tucker...*shivers*

Along with the DL announcement, more performers have been added onto the line up for the award show....

"Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Kanye West and Young Jeezy Will Join Previously Announced Performers Usher, Lil Wayne and Nelly for 'The Hottest Ticket on Television'Legendary R&B Icon Al Green to Receive BET's Lifetime Achievement Award and Celebrated Producer/Arranger/Composer Quincy Jones Set for BET's Humanitarian Award."

Cant wait to see the Kanye far as the rest, blah!....Youve seen one Alicia Keys performance, you've seen them all...Chris brown, how many times can you see him vogue on stage in something shiny? and I could give two rusty pennys about Young Jeezy.

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