Friday, June 13, 2008

Rhythmic Interviews: Chante Moore!

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The WONDERFUL Chante Moore was NICE enough to ring me up for a phone interview on Wednesday to talk about her new album Love The Woman, which is dropping June 17th. In the interview Chante discusses why she hasn't recorded a solo album since 2001, the collaborations on the album, along with who she wishes she could have collaborated with that she didnt get a chance to.

Considering im a huge Chante fan and it was my very FIRST interview (so bare with me at moments lol) I think it went really well, if u dont then yanno...push stop? anyhoo...Make sure u all SUPPORT the album when it drops! but in the mean time u can hit up to listen to clips of each track until My review next week.... now check out the interview below!


Miss Mo said...

Oh my Goodness Hunny Bear you Big now I dont think i can be friends with you ..I'm not worthy..I'm not worthy! I love the interview ..unm, Miss Moore?? Looved her back in the day! goin to Amazon to see hoe ferosh the albunm will be:o)

Nitopio said...

wow davion this is really cool.

that's right I'm bad said...

Censorship huh? Crybaby!

QH said...

Davion, you were the epitome of class on this interview. I am so glad you got such an amazing opportunity. You didn't break into a cold sweat like most crazy fans, eh? Get it guy!-QH