Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Im Just Tickled Pink....

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Here I Stand = Selling 433,000 copies in 1 week

E=Mc2 = Selling 463,000 copies in 1 week

So this officially makes Usher the SECOND biggest debut of the year behind Mariah Carey, and with releases from Coldplay and Lil Wayne on the Horizon, I doubt he will get too comfy at the SECOND position...Now do u think he'll STFU now that he doesn't have the bragging rights he had during the 'Confessions' era when he was the biggest douche that u could imagine?...OOOH or better yet crawl under a rock? just wondering.

Oh but wait, lets go down the laundry list to see who ELSE in the urban music circle has debuted with a bigger bang than Usher in the last few months...just yanno...for funsies...

Mary J. Blige - Growin Pains = 630,000

Alicia Keys - As I Am = 740,000

Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds* = 684,000

My point in all of this? I just don't like the nigga *shrugs*....OH! and congratulations must go to Al Green for debuting at number 9 on the Billboard charts, his highest charting album EVER, according to

*I know this album came out back in '06....I'm just being a bitch :-)


Musiqlover said...

Don't be no hater lol. Folks ain't buying albums like they use to times are hard save your 10 bucks for your gas people lol. I never was a big Usher fan an still ain't gave his new album a spin from what i'm hearing i'll be wasting my time.

Don said...

Damn, ya'll gay men just be hatin on my man Ursh. I thought his sound would make you gays wanna suck his dick or something! Oh well, I like his album and his performances. Now go pretend to insert tampons fellas.