Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This or That

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On Monday night, like any other Monday, i tuned into the CW primetime night line-up (actually i didn't tune in till 9pm. Everybody Hates Chris was cute the first episode, but like the Bernie Mac show, I didnt really give a shit about it after the first few episodes...and the other show about the lil foreign exchange student? why?) but anyhoo my former IT show Girlfriends and my new found fav The Game came on and i tuned into both. It wasn't until after that hour i realized how much The Game has grown and how entertaining it has become, while how much Girlfriends has gotten downright depressing! The thing i love about the game this season is the balance of drama and comedy, yea 'derwin' and 'melanie' have more issues than a Mary J Blige song but its counteracted with the sass of 'Tasha' and the bubbly personality of 'Kelly'. On Girlfriends i respect the serious situations being brought in this season, Miscarriage, Iraq, Marital issues etc. but DAMN was i the only one under the impression that this show is a COMEDY? and I'm sorry, but 'Joans' quirkyness and 'Myas' bitch please personalities can only keep u gigglin for so many seasons...So I ask u guys, which one are u feeling more?


spontaneous said...

Ya know what I have been hearing so many good things about the Game. I watched maybe one or two episodes last season. Maybe I will start watching usually that is my time to wash the dishes! I totally agree on girlfriends. That was the show I would be out to dinner at 830 like hey lets hurry up so I can get home to watch girlfriends. Now it just isn't hitting it. I have to make myself finish each episode. Did you see Darnell trying to make himself cry! Damn he couldn't think of something sad and why couldn't mya hug the man or something! They need to get it together.

RhythmicSoul said...

girrrrrrrrl darnell bless his heart..some actors are MEANT for comedic roles

spontaneous said...

You are so right stick to the jokes and leave the crying to Denzel! LOL