Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So who in Mariah camp secretly hates her?

Thats the only explanation i can come up with for her not performing this song on snl a few weeks back....Mariah performed for those bitches from The Hills the other night and her performance of "Touch my Body" was ofcourse televised. What wasn't televised was her performance of another track from E=Mc2 which is called "That Chick you Like". After looking at the performance and listening to the song im wondering why the hell it wasnt aired and why she didnt perform this on snl instead of "Migrate", clearly someone is tryna sabotage the Mimi by tellin her to do dumb shit. Im loving this track and I havent even heard the HQ version yet, and thats BIG considering those one trick ponies known as Stargate produced it, i dont even hear a guitar! kudos to u guys!!!. The song seems very fun and summery and im loving the pinch of Michael Jackson flavor in it. Its finally good to hear something from the new album that doesnt make me cringe or make me have to listen to it 435253245 times just to tolerate it..because for a minute there E=Mc2 was shapin up to be E=Me not buyin that shit. AMAZING does she look? it kinda make u wonder why they insist on airbrushing her to DEATH in her promo pics...i mean SERIOUSLY, ive seen less digital altering in disney/pixar movies


Tha Connoisseur said...

OK - I must say that Mariah is the kind of artist I love to hate. Kinda like Beyonce. I am so tired of them both, but we cannot deny that they have talent. Mariah drives me nuts!! Amazing in concert, but I dunno about her writing skills anymore. This song was MUCH better than the two other tracks that were driving me to bungee jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge sans cables. BUT honestly, I don't like it either. I don't think my hard earned $9.99 will be spent on this album.

Mixed Chick2 said...

Wow! What "Fairweather Fans". I loved Mimi's "Migrate" on SNL. I'm lovin this new CD. Oh well, Mariah being sooooooooo successful is due to people like me, "The Lambs" who love her for everything she does.
Fabulous she is!