Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Im not tryna start shit...I SWEA!

But tonight Keyshia Cole debuted her new video for the beautiful song "Heaven Sent" on BETs Access Granted. When watching this video, which is gorgeous btw, my mind ventured off to a video thats somewhat similar. This video took me back to the amazing "Everything" video by Mary J. Blige. Now say what you want, but this video by Keykey is VERY reminiscent of Miss Marys is it not?...Dont get me wrong, I love "Heaven sent", its actually my fav track from Keyshia's album.... but CLEARLY "Everything" was the prototype for this video...but watch both below, "Heaven Sent" and "Everything", which is CLASSIC...classic Mary, classic Hype Williams (when...yanno..he gave a damn) and classic 90s R&B (when..yanno...R&B was good) enjoy both of these videos and draw your own conclusions..swagger jacking?, paying homage? or mere coincidence? but not tryna start shit..I SWEA! 0:-)

Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent

Mary J. Blige - Everything

...and yes..the stan came out of me during this post...sue me.


QH said...

Keyshia is a nice girl, but she is such a Blige wannabe. I say it all the time, we have one, we don't need another.-QH

Nitopio said...

u know it looks like it could of been shot at the same island but different sides of it. haha that werid.

kayellejaye said...

I was thinking knock off, too, when I first saw this video. And the 1st video for this CD was on the beach as well. Looks like somebody ran out of ideas.

I absolutely love this song though. The whole CD really.