Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This week is turning into a GREAT balance from last weeks horridness...first Gnarls Barkley moves their album up and entire month, then Mariah showed us the beauty of photoshop fierce photography and now ladies and gentlemen........

ADELE WILL ENJOY A SUMMER RELEASE HERE IN THE U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... thats right folks, save your coins from those import prices...RhythmicWords' February artist of the month Adele has inked a record deal here in America with Columbia Records and her amazing debut album 19 will be released and hopefully met with the warm reception it recieved back in the U.K. (it debuted at number 1 there), but she aint leanin and rockin with it so it'll most likely take an entire year and a few grammy nods or an Apple ad for people to stunt her (damn shame).

"Columbia Records will give hot British newcomer Adele's debut set "19" a summer Stateside release, through a joint venture struck with XL Recordings."

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