Thursday, March 13, 2008

*Sigh* has begun...

Just when u thought it was safe to imagine this nigga in the bottom of some volcano sizzling atop the back of his American Pitbull terrier Wife Tameka. Usher's song "Love in this club" is atop the hot 100 for the second straight week .

I heard the track for the first time earlier this week, I purposely ignored it while every other blog posted clips...clips of the clips..and clips of clips from radio simply because i was anticipating a new usher record like I'm anticipating an STD. Iam not a fan...never been..and the fact that his music has never been anything to scream from the mountain tops about has helped, and this song is no different. Don't get me wrong "U don't have to call" had me shaking a tail feather along with a few other tracks from 8701 and "Nice and Slow" is considered, by me, one of the pivotal R&B tracks from the 90. As time progressed Usher's music pretty much reflected whatever time period they were released, the material was nothing new, the sound was nothing fresh and the odd part the way he acted u could have sworn he was on some David Bowie Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust type shit.

When Usher pushed over 1 mil in one week with Confessions, for me it was like that one ass hole at your job with the horrible self righteous attitude and the "I can do no wrong" mindset getting employee of the month, hence giving him more vindication to be an even bigger asshole. I dont kno whos the bigger douche, him or Justin Timberlake, although Justin I can tolerate, atleast when it comes to his music (lord knows I cringe whenever his ass tries to be all hip and witty come interview time). But anyhoo...I guess this is my long winded way of saying the song sucks, the only reason why its percieved as hot, dat crack, or pure fiyah (or whatever the hell else its being called now a days in the place of "Cool") is because of Usher the person, and people, for some reason, loves him....lord knows anyone else with that track it would have been hugging the bottom of the charts...and speaking of charts..CONGRATS TO LUPE FIASCO!!!! he has his very first top 10 record, "Superstar" climbed up to number 10 this week!!!!!! and can someone tap Mary J. on the shoulder and let her ass know "Just Fine" wasnt the smash they expected and by dropping a new single, instead of just talking about dropping a new single, would make a good selling record a GREAT selling record? thanks in advance!

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Tha Connoisseur said...

If you have not done so already, you need to read my blog entry entitled "If I Only Had A Brain." You and I are SO on the same page with this song, it's not funny. Lawd I hate it! But not as much as Miss Mariah's f&*^%! bullish "Touch My Body." Just typing the song makes me cringe!!