Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Just when i was about to come out the Danity Kane closet, they go and pull some shit like THIS...the video for their lead single "Damage" from the upcoming album Welcome To The Dollhouse. Love love love the song and all the tracks ive heard so far from the effort, but this video here... I dunno what to say, i mean the video looks like a tacky commercial for a new slutty bratz doll or something. Its bad enough that the video is debuting a WEEK before the album drops, and it turns out to be this bedazzled, silver metallic mess...i just shant be victimized by Diddy and his "if it aint me, i dont give a shit" business mindset


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way...i am like come on.."they are international pop stars" as Aubrey would say :)

QH said...

It IS Danity Kane after all. Did you expect something classy, inovative, or even sexy? Just MTV titilation.-QH

Nitopio said...

werid video not how i would imagine the video would be. they look like robot barbies to me.