Monday, March 17, 2008


FINALLY! some GOOD shit!...

Word on the blog block is that the boys will be moving up their album an ENTIRE MONTH...that's right folks, so instead of releasing The Odd Couple on April 8th, it will hit stands on the 25th of THIS MONTH, that's right...NEXT TUESDAY, A WEEK FROM TODAY!, but the album will be available digitally TODAY. Just when my wallet started to heal I see its time to rub some nickels together to make magic *sigh*..but this is COMPLETELY worth it...great way to minimize illegal downloading I would imagine, SNEAK ATTACK ON YALL ASSES!, but also hinder any peek potential first week sales...but lets be real, this is Ceelo and Danger Mouse, they could give a hot heave about sales, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, BABY! ugh im so excited about this news I may need an asthma pump...gimmie a minute, yall

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QH said...

That is always nice when dates get pushed up, so often they get pushed back.-QH