Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Close but NO cigar

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Madonna ft. Pharrell - The Beat Goes On

So when i heard, months ago, that madonna's upcoming album was gonna have more of an R&B urban feel to it, i went ape shit...shes dabbled with the genre for decades (take a bow anyone?)and i thought shes now gonna give it the love and shine it deserves....but once i heard she was in the lab with Timbaland and Pharrell...i became alil...bothered...shit can go EITHER way with those 2...timbaland has proved in the past everything he touches ISNT gold (brandys album wasnt really an afrodisiac for me, and i think LL was the only person who bought that album with headsprung on it, i dont even remember the name of the album)...and well, pharrells been makin the same beats since 99...but once i heard pretty much let me know one thing....DONT set ur hopes too high...overall the songs underwhelming and brings NOTHING NEW to the scene at all....

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Nito pio said...

I have to disagree with u i think Pharrell and timbaland r the best producers. I think tim did a great job with Nelly furatdo cd and Justin.