Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rhythmic Roundup

Sorry about the lack of postage the last few days...but emm while Diddy was picking the future nobodies The Band and Michael Vick was finding the local animal shelter The Lord...I was turning in English papers (got an A btw, HOLLER!) and attending a Joss Stone concert (if u havent seen her live, GO!)...but heres a roundup of the goinz onz the past 3 days to catch all of my 2 1/2 MANY readers up!


Toni Braxton and her family will Definately be in my Prayers

Check out a New Kanye Song "Graduation" ft. everyones favorite white boy Chris Martin. (Concrete Loop)

Graduation>Curtis (Nah Right)

Columbia Records says NAHNAHNAHNAH NO! to releasing Amerie's new album anytime soon. (Toyas World)

Dmx continues to do dumb shit..aside from insisting on having a career (A Hot Mess)

I think its good Missy is doing somethin new thats yanno....not forced and pushed into our faces as "creative" and "ground breaking"...but im sure it will be, even tho its for some damn chips (The Fury)

Remedial Roy making it clear as to why i call him..Remedial Roy (Bossip)

Now pardon me while i go make a breakfast burrito, climb back into bed and NOT do my math homework...

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