Friday, August 24, 2007

The Rock of love

Amy ALL fucked up

Or should i just say the rock? anyhoo... britian mess and STILL all around fierce bitch, Amy Winehouse and her husband decided to reinact the limo scene from "whats love got to do with it" yesterday....heres a snippet of what happened..

"The fight in the early hours of yesterday left 23-year-old Miss Winehouse with blood staining her pink ballet shoes and the knees of her jeans.
Purple bruises could be seen on the side of her neck and her knuckles were swollen.
But her 24-year-old husband appeared to have come off a lot worse - with cuts and scratches on both cheeks and around his neck. "

click here for full story

im sorry but LMAO! @ the picture of her ballerina slippers all fucked up...that should show her ass to put some real damn shoes on...stilettos dont stain like that girly!, getchu some fierceness in yo life amy...hell, and some stability while u at it

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