Thursday, August 16, 2007

If it Walks like a duck, Quacks like a duck, and Vogues like a duck... its a Gay duck

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Lil Fizz recently wasted his time by trying to put the good word out there about his free time on his hand..."career"... and upcoming plans....he sat down with Chicagos Power 92 radio station and was asked FLAT OUT if Raz B is gay or not...u can tell he was alil taken back by the flat out question...but thats what i like, no pussyfootin around!...QQN @ funk master flex...but anyway, miss thang basically said it without saying it..that razalicious is definately what what'n it in the butt... must feel good that media take out has outed someone and FINALLY has proof...bless their hearts over there, cuzz let them tell it EVERYONES gay..hell even the guy that asked me for change at the stop light today ...

and yes, i kno im wrong for pickin that brokeback mountainish pic up above...but theyre even more wrong for reinacting the movie scene for scene so *shrugs*

Source: Media Take Out

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