Monday, August 13, 2007

Fall Music Preview

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting did a nifty lil breakdown
of the fall music line up, looking at all the major release dates down into the 3 categories..the heavy weights, the middle weights and the contenders...ofcourse dates are liable to change and some artists will release mediocre first singles that will require pushbacks...*QQN @ mya*...but for the most part im REALLY Looking forword to some of the artist to come, and slowly saying a prayer for tolerance and understanding for others.....heres my 2 cents on some artist that are scheduled to release in the coming months...

Swizz Beatz - August 21.....ehhh no

M.I.A. - August 21 DTP Compilation - August 28....HOLLER

Chris Brown - August 28...i'll pass on remedial roy's sophmore effort

Yung Joc - August 28 if

Akon (Konvicted Repackaged) - August 28...why the anti-christ of music insist on assaulting ears drums everywhere, im not sure why

Yung Berg - September rrrrright

50 Cent - September 11...what what, in the butt?

Kanye West - September 11...dropping on the same day as 50 are we? lemme set a nice chunk of my financial aid check aside to buy as MANY copies as possible

Eve - September running straight to the store! cop a blank cd so i can burn this one

Keyshia Cole - September 18...^^^^^ ditto

Nelly - September 18...seeing how theres NO single, NO nelly and NO overproduced neptune beat blasting on the guessing this is definately a push back

Mya - September 18...who?

Chamillionaire - September 18...i pass

Twista - September 18...nope nope

Jill Scott - September 25...will be standing in line with bells on! - September 25...his first single is horrible dissapointing, considering ive LOVED all his production on other records this past untill he embraces the SOUL and leaves the laguna beach sound alone, he gets no love from me...

Trina - September 25...wont be buying this only if trina got a dollar everytime she heard that when she use to strip


Ashanti - October

Erykah Badu - October 23..about GOTDAMN TIME!

Nicole Scherzinger - October 30...still on the fence about this one

Alicia Keys - November 6...eagerly anticipating the first single!!!!!!

Mariah Carey - November 20...HELL YEA!...but to be honest im alil scared..she either hit or hoping its another HIT, because my heart and her waistline cant afford another miss

(the list, curtosy of

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