Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Music

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Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well

Yes gotdammit, im a Jlo fan...get over it...this song "Do it well" is from her new album "Brave" set to drop October 9th. Im LOVING this track, definately the uptempo, high paced song thats pretty much been lacking all summer...yea snappin and pop lockin all around the damn place is great, but i miss DANCING...and this is definately a track that will make u wanna get UP..although i prefer her other song "Hold It Dont Drop It", which is set to be released to POP outlets while "Do it well" is set for urban, Do it well is still a banger none the less...

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Nicole Scherzinger - Super Villian

Nicole Scherretrtinropndfgzinger is back with what is rumored to be her second diggin this one, its fun and light.. clearly nicole wont be on some amy winehouse, lauryn hill type im taking it for what it is..FUN..its a pop sound that i think suits her voice incredibly..but if she wants me to buy her album..imma need her to come with somethin along the lines of "buttons" ...i fucks with buttons

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Jay-Z - Dig A Hole

Lastly we have Jigga man, and no this isnt necessarily a new track, just a twist on what we all may have heard...This track was originally released on the Kingdom Come album, BUT with production from Swizz Beats...this is the version produced by Just Blaze and was originally suppose to make it onto the album, but i guess jay wanted to take the song in another direction so he rolled with i dig this version, actually abit more than swizz's..BUT..once it goes into the chorus and all that extra transformer shit comes on, its kind of an i can understand why jay may have wanted to do something abit more...serious

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