Saturday, August 25, 2007

When Producers Stop Givin a Damn...

wiIve always told myself, if i ever was to get a blog i would definately post about this....producers not giving a damn...this is a horrible epidemic and has recently became worse in the last 2 years or so. Symptoms of Producers not giving a damn usually occurs when a producer creates 1 MEDIOCRE beat and continuously recycles it 2 or even 3 times afterwards to other artist!... sadly enough the beat was never hot to begin with and adding a zing or boomcat boomcat never tends to help it, even with a new artist over the beat... But here are some cases of Producers Not Giving a Damn that popped into my head right off the bat....lets hope they get well from this sickness soon, because i shant be a victim..and i hear not givin a damn is contagious....

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Polow Da Don...

Here polow just thought..this beat is SOOOO hot he has to give it to as many bishes as humanly possible...when kelis originally had the beat i must admit, i liked it...but once he switched it up alil to throw at chilli, he realized that no one either heard, or gave a shit about chillis version, or chilli in general.... so he passed it to everyones favorite Badussy Cat Doll...Nicole Scherewtdgsdoinnaziginger...for shame polow...for shame

Take a Listen to them all for urself....
Nicole - Whatever U Like
Chili - Straight Jack Em
Kelis - Blind fold Me

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Bryan Michael Cox...

Now i never got this cat...when everyone was singin his praises and pissin the sheets over him i was feeling as if i were left out of the loop...Yes "Be without you" was an undeniable hit, BUT if it was anyone else other than mary can u say it would have had the same effect??...his productions do NOTHING for me..midtempo, ballad, or club just doesnt move me...but once i heard him REPEATEDLY use this piano driven beat for a Soul music icon, a nobody and Danity Lame i knew...he must be STOPPED...

Mary j blige - We Ride
Marques houston - Circles
Danity Kane - Ride For U

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Rich Harrison...

I use to be a BIG rich harrison fan, BEFORE he created the ass shaking phenomenom that was "Crazy In love"....ofcourse the song was something infectious that grew on you, if it didnt catch u from the first listen..but after that it seem like he found a sound that sold and he went CRAZY with it...i miss the versatility in his production...the man made the beat to "beautiful ones" by Mary J, and ALL the beats on one of the most under rated albums in R&b music..."All I have" by im not saying it went all downhill after crazy in love...but it just all seemed to sound like one big GoGo percussive mash up that would never end.. I kno producers can have a signature sound, but theres a difference between having a sound all your own and just regurgitating the same thing over and over with alil difference here and there....and sadly i think Rich has fallen into the latter category

Amerie - One Thing
Toni Braxton - Take This Ring
Missy Elliot - Cant Stop

Thats why when it comes to producers i stick with Raphael Saadiq(Genius), Wil.I.Am(when he doesnt cater to the Laguna Beach Crowd), and Salaam Remi(dont kno? u betta ask somebody)...all the other big names usually put out uninspired, typical, watered down songs that are generally forgettable...but what do u guys think? what are some of your favorite producers?? any producers u think i left out??? yes im aware that this may cause u guys to comment..i kno i kno...God forbid! *hisses @ yall*

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MissOMyGoodnezz said...

you forgot Timbaland for example
Rehab by Rihanna and What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake