Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Allow Me To ReIntroduce Myself!

Ok, so i kno your wondering...upon the MOUNTAIN of blogs these days, why read mine, Rhythmic's Blog? hell i dont kno, im just a guy with a voice that doesnt mind sharing..take it or leave it...BUT, i hope u can appreciate someone with an strong love for music, entertainment, crazy white women with record contracts, and gossip! i dish the tea, so if ur thirsty...drink up....but upon deciding to create this blog, and being a big fan of OTHER blogs myself..ive come to realize the different type of bloggers, and how much i may fit into each type:

The Angry Blogger:
This is the type of blogger that basically hates everything and everyone he/she post about, with a sassy wit and sharp tongue that rivals that of sophia from the Golden Girls ( and dont act like u aint up on that shit! Lifetime HOLLA)...but in all actuality probably secretly owns a copy of B'day just like the rest of us...but its cool to hate beyonce ahem...fuck that bish *hoping that since i just mentioned beyonce in a post, im gonna recieve atleast 1242145 comments alone"....oh from my mouth to Gods ears...

The Rhythmic Factor: an angry bish, only mon- sat tho...sunday im as sweet as pie

The Funny Blogger:
This is my favorite type of blogger, someone with a sense of humor goes a long way...BIG UP TO FRESH! over at crunkndisorderly (shes as simple as nicole richies diet and i love her for it) but this is the blogger that pokes fun at pretty much everyone, tastefully and playfully, but knows how to keep it real when need be.

The Rhythmic Factor: 10...if humor is the only way to get it through to keyshia cole that having hair thats just as bright as a box of luckycharms ISN'T the way to go...then so be it!

The Entertainment Blogger:
Bringing u the latest and the greatest in black entertainment. With new music, fresh pics, juicy candids and even an exclusive interview here and there, among all that other good shit..when i think of a blog like this, comes to mind.

The Rhythmic Factor: 8...i LOVE me some entertainment...but ehhh i will not be havin any exclusive hotness, i doubt viacom will be adding me to their mailing list anytime soon..

The Conscience Blogger:
This is the type of blogger who overall can bring u dare u all sit at work, wanting to read the latest measurements of the distance between rihannas eyebrows and her hair line while theres babys in indonesia starving or some shit?

The Rhythmic Factor: 0...want something deep and profound? this aint the blog for you! so sorry for ya..but im not tivo'n fox news or taking up an extra class at my local community college just to write a blog..sorry

The Whatever the Hell i feel like Blogging about Blogger :
From the latest issues going on in black entertainment, to the shady bus driver that cheated him/her on their transfer. This blogger post what they feel, when they feel and how they feel on the situation. When i think of this type of blogger Clay Cane and Nova Slim comes to mind.

The Rhythmic Factor: 10...why? cuzz this is my blog and i type about what the hell i want!

Welp thats it for now in a nutshell, i hope u guys treat me like a 30something ex drug addicted soul singer and take me as i am....and to all 4 of my readers, i wish u guys a great rest of the day!

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renaldo said...

Subscribed and linked to. Don't get bored too early. :-)