Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Janet Covers VIBE

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Janet is gracing the cover of April's issue of VIBE magazine and is looking absolutely gorgeous, sloppy homeless woman weave and all. Apperently they couldnt get enough of Miss Jackson over there at vibe because they gave her 2 covers...the second one I could totally live without, yea yea theyre playing off of her brothers Off the Wall album, cute..but tired...dont get me wrong, she looks gorgeous but ehhhh...yea! shes Michael's sister...we get it!!! and where in the fuck did the suit come from? how random...Anyhoo, Discipline drops this Tuesday on the 26th...GO SUPPORT IT! my review for the album will be up, yanno...eventually *shrugs*

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Anonymous said...

Well, my "review" for the album is already on my blog. Check it out! I can't wait to read yours. Peace.