Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fierceness of the Day

Since the Grammys were only 4 days ago and was still fresh in our minds, for good or bad reasons...i figured id post 2 of my FAVORITE performances that WOWED me, MOVED me and left me absolutely speechless from 2 of my favorite divas...No, not Amy and Kanye.....MARY AND CHRISTINA! they werent at sundays ceremony at all. These amazing performances come from LAST YEARS festivities...ahh yes lets reminisce...the year where the Dixie Chicks snatched shit up for talkin shit, Justin threw as much of a bitch fit for not winning album of the year as Kanye did (fuck both them niggas, Gnarls was ROBBED), Mary finally won 3 of her OWN grammys during the televised portion of the show and Christina proved that she had SOUL!....enjoy

Mary J. Blige - Be Without You/Stay With Me

Christina Aguilera - It's A Mans World

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