Monday, February 11, 2008

...Too Much Like Right

To let Amy sweep all 6 of the awards she was nominated for (she won 5) would have made entirely too much sense...a genius album winning awards that it ACTUALLY deserves???? that hasnt been heard of since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Letting Amy, a heavily SOUL influenced artist, sweep ALL the major awards would have been entirely too much like right

The award show this year was an overall joke and one anticlimactic performance after another. Unlike other award ceremonies in the past, im not going to give a blow by blow of this shit, i wasted enough hours of my life watching it, i refuse to waste 1 more putting together a indepth post about it...I SHANT BE VICTIMIZED! So here are a few of my favorite moments...and I say few because these are the only things I actually remember lol

Performance Of the Night:
Kanye West

At first I was a bit lost, even with the help of Daft Punk I didnt get the real point of the first half of his performance...yea he wore glasses that lit up, who gives a hot hell? but it wasnt untill the second half after all the smoke and unecessary shit left the stage was when he touched the ol corazon. The Tribute to his mother was absolutely beautiful and touching, i loved he sung live and was backed by the strings...proving that Kanye is at his best when hes not being KANYE!...genius...His acceptance speech, altho started out nice, the comment made towards Common all reminded us of the ass he could be at times... letting us all forget that for just one moment would have been too much like right.

Acceptance Speech Of the Night:
Amy Winehouse

She deserved an award for thanking RayRay n' dem and giving a shout out to her man in jail was it just me or thanks to Amys acceptance speech and the gospel tribute, the Grammys were a bit BETish this year? Regardless of the year Amy has experienced regarding her personal life, her music is undeniably amazing and something completely new while being vintage and classic at the same time. I commend the academy on seeing this and giving this broad 5 out of 6 grammys, and in a perfect world i'd like to think her personal issues had nothing to do with her wins but i also kno the publicity certainly didnt hurt. I don't think her wins come off as a reward for a person doing bad things, just as a reward for raw and brilliant SUCK IT Natalie Cole...Miss Cole was interviewed for FOX 11 News and took the opportunity to let it be known that she didnt think Amy "Deserved" any of her awards she won saying "I Dont think Bad Behavior Should be Rewarded"....talkin greasy is so much easier when u can ignore your OWN past isnt it? or did all the drugs and trips to pawnshops make u forget?

The rest of the night for me is a big blur, a big BORING blur of missmatched pairings, unthought out performances and random ass presenters, solange anyone? I think for the most part the winners this year was on point, ALTHOUGH I think Jill was robbed (Although she picked up one with Lupe Fiasco for "DayDream"). "No One" is a cute song but the fact that Alicia sounds like shes being punished in a sex dungeon while singing it should have said something and hendered her chances at winning, but i guess when Lucifer Clive Davis is your boss, anything can happen. I loved how motha Prince sprinted onstage to present the award to Alicia, im mad he was the prettiest girl there.

One of the most shady moments of the show for me was when Rihanna won the "Apex song of your career, seriously bitch appreciate it cuzz you'll never have another hit like this" award...i keed i keed...she won best for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with Jay for Umbrella...well miss Rihanna strutted past Beyonce, snatched jay and galivanted on stage like it was nothin, yall..i love every minute of it! it was so delicious it HAD to be fattening!!

Im sure all that shade Ri was throwin cooled down the entire staples center yesterday. LA was a good 80 degrees shoooo, half the room and their edges need to thank Rihanna shooooo....

And while were on the Bedazzled one, I wasnt at all blown away by the Performance she did with Tina...u can tell nerves got the best of her while being 125 years old got the best of Tina...But i do commend Tina for yanno, not only being a legend but not having an ego that many divas would have when it comes to performing with someone half their age and in their prime...

Thats enough about the shit i could careless about, lets get to the winners! Congrats to them all...and Tpain too, I guess...

Click Here to head over to MTV so u can get a rundown of all the winners...

Final Question:
Now seriously...whos penis do u think is bigger out of these 2?? thats a hard one...But I think I know Whos Willing to take one for the team and find out...

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