Sunday, February 24, 2008

Igganunt Convo of the day...

BaNwT829 (12:52:19 AM): que tu doi partir = that you must leave
RhythmicSoul05 (12:52:41 AM): oh..u just think ur a cute lil bilingual bitch arent u
BaNwT829 (12:54:23 AM): it feels so good to be finally understanding it
BaNwT829 (1:01:31 AM): i cant wait until i really learn
RhythmicSoul05 (1:01:40 AM): baron whats wednesday?
BaNwT829 (1:01:49 AM): and i go to paris and all the french boys fall in love with me
BaNwT829 (1:01:54 AM): because im from american
BaNwT829 (1:02:08 AM): and i just say eat ur damn hearts OUT!!!!!!!!!
BaNwT829 (1:02:22 AM): i dont date people who eat snails and frog legs
BaNwT829 (1:02:53 AM): and then i meet carine
BaNwT829 (1:03:05 AM): and we fall in love and have 2 daughters and then a son
RhythmicSoul05 (1:03:33 AM): wednesday, whats so special about that day?
BaNwT829 (1:03:39 AM): wed is the 27th
RhythmicSoul05 (1:03:47 AM): AND WHAT DAY IS THAT MUTHAFUCKA!?!?!
BaNwT829 (1:04:05 AM): ur bday fool
RhythmicSoul05 (1:04:16 AM): is isnt it :-)
BaNwT829 (1:04:43 AM): nigga u aint the only one with a bday
RhythmicSoul05 (1:05:04 AM): but im the only one u needa care about!
RhythmicSoul05 (1:05:05 AM): NIGGA

in the immortal words of miss MaryJ Blige....FRIENDSSSSSSSSSS HOW MANY OF US HAVE THEM?!?!? I DONT THINK WE REALLY NEED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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