Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My 2 Cents on Beyonce playing Etta...

Ok, ive been asked a few times whats my opinion on beyonce landing the role of Etta in an upcoming movie (not because im the all knowing, they just know i always have shit to say about shit lol) Ive shared it a few times but i figured id throw my opinion out to u guys cuzz yanno...my words matter lol...so heres what I said to my bestfriend when she asked a few minutes ago...

SunShineCali760 (9:31:04 PM): do u think that beyonce is the right person to portray etta james
RhythmicSoul05 (9:31:11 PM): nope
RhythmicSoul05 (9:32:15 PM): i think etta has everything beyonce doesnt...sass, character and an all around personality..i think it will be a BIG stretch for beyonce...playing deena wasnt and thats why she shined a bit..i think this role will either prove her as an actress or just a bitch that got lucky
SunShineCali760 (9:32:44 PM): lol yea
SunShineCali760 (9:32:56 PM): but isnt etta a big gurl
RhythmicSoul05 (9:33:18 PM): chile yes...that will be interesting to see too
SunShineCali760 (9:38:20 PM): who would u want to play her if u had your pic
SunShineCali760 (9:38:41 PM): i think no name people do better in roles like that
RhythmicSoul05 (9:39:03 PM): i agree, no one i can think of honestly..id like to see a no name really come out and shine
SunShineCali760 (9:40:36 PM): yea cause people are going to have to much hope ridin on bee and i dont think its going to do as well if it had a big fat greasy black women that nobody knows and thats not fair to etta
RhythmicSoul05 (9:42:36 PM): yea..and plus when u have such FAMOUS people acting..the audience doesnt see past that celebrity playing the roll, especially when theyre playing someone who was/is equally famous or a legend...when we looked at beyonce in dreamgirls we seen deena jones because we didnt really kno who deena was, not many people went into the film expecting her to become SHERYL LEE RALPH as deena jones yanno..but with this upcoming project when we look at beyonce we will WANT to see etta, because after all thats whos shes portraying but we wont, were gonna see beyonce because we already have a reference in our mind as to who etta is and i dont think beyonce has the acting talents to transform into someone else and make us see that on the screen
SunShineCali760 (9:43:35 PM): yea
*P.S...janet review will be up tomorrow...erykahs, need a few more listens so give me a minute

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