Friday, April 4, 2008

BLEU Magazine Wants You to Migrate

The wonderful people over at BLEU Magazine have recently relaunched and wants to invite everyone over to check it out. Its a pretty snazzy layout, you guys do yourselves a favor and check it add the cherry on the sundae, the new page is letting you listen to a High Quality version of "Migrate" by Mariah Carey. Sounds like the real thing, unlike the high quality Radio Rip thats been going around.

The various sections of will highlight the best of the best in its field. The fashion department prides itself in showcasing exclusive and edgy fashion spreads that will leave you wanting to catch a flight to the fashion capital of the world. The Entertainment section is where you will get your "first sneak peek" at what tomorrow will be a #1 song, #1 album or that breakthrough artist in the country. With the BLEU TV Spotlight we will ensure to get you all the in-your-face-action at all the hottest events around the country, be it political, fashion, entertainment and or humanitarian.

BLEU Radio is the place for you to tune in and feel right at home, with live talk shows, up-to-date playlists and the very latest in news.

Along with that, Bleu Magazine has recently enlisted the services of College Hill's Ray Cunningham. He will have a weekly blog entitled "Tell it Ray Ray!: Why Just Have Hollywood when I can have NY too...Soon the World!" that will feature entertainment news, exclusive one-on-one interviews, gossip, Internet trends and politics among other things on. Thats all good and sassy but emmm wha I gotta do to get some employment love!??!?! Throw a nigga some music review opportunities....geesh! lol

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