Sunday, April 20, 2008

Listen to 30 Second clips of Estelle's "Shine"

Right now you all can head on over to and listen to 30 second clips of every song from Estelle's upcoming album "Shine". After listening to all of the clips I CAN NOT WAIT to listen to them in their entirety, ESPECIALLY "Pretty Please" featuring Ceelo...this album is giving me a HUGE spring/summer feel...I have a feeling this will be in HEAVY rotation this summer for me, like "Introducing Joss Stone" was last year...take a listen and tell me what you guys think.

No wonder Estelle is RhythmicWords artist of the month YOU NEED TO KNOW for April, shes amazing... Estelle's album "Shine" hits stores on the 29th!!


QH said...

I just got through watching the video for "American Boy." I am buying this when it drops, and my new posts is coming, lol.

MissMo said...

yessss, i will be in heavy rotation with you dahhhhllling!