Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mariah and Madonna Break Records...

With all this good news going around you just KNOW Mariah is probably somewhere downing a bottle of champagne and wearing hello kitty pajamas while she greases Da Brats scalp...

As expected, Mariah Carey moves past Elvis Presley and into sole possession of second place for most No. 1s in the rock era, as "Touch My Body" soars 15-1 on the Billboard Hot 100 to become her 18th chart-topper. With her album "E=MC2" yet to hit retail, Carey might equal the Beatles' record of 20 No. 1s before her set runs its course.

Presley will also be nudged from his standing as the artist with the most top 10s in the rock era, as Madonna surpasses him with her 37th top 10, "4 Minutes." The track, which features Justin Timberlake, clocks a 68-3 jump. Previous to the establishment of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1958, the industry standard chart was the Best Sellers in Stores tally, where Presley scored his first 12 top 10s.

Well congrats to both of the ladies for accomplishing such an amazing milestone in both of their ironic is it that its with both of their weakest songs to date? but anyhoo, being a big fan of Mariah and a casual one of Madges im happy for both of them regardless, even tho this is nothing more than validation for Mariah to continue to do dumb shit when it comes to her career, by the next album my guess is that her lipgloss will be poppin! Madonna on the other hand gives me the vibe that she could give a shit regardless.


QH said...

While I am huge fans of both women, the fact that as stated, their weakest songs did this? It is sort of embarrassing really.

It couldn't have been with something far more deserving like "Get Together" or "Loverboy?" Meh. I still adore them though.

Ariana said...

the hat makes her look out of proportion
its ok tho kuz she's fckin mariah lol

and i kant lie i stay groovin to "touch my body"
i love ur blogs