Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News on Common's 'Invincible Summer'

The folks over at got a chance to listen to an 8 track preview of Commons upcoming album Invincible Summer (lucky basstids!) set to drop June 24th. After listening to the tracks, billboard is saying that the album is shaping up to be "electro-tinged departure from the MC's previous lyric-driven albums," and ALSO that this time around Kanye wont be contributing on this effort as he did on the last two Common albums, Be and Finding Forever. Common went on to tell billboard:

"I created this music for the summer time, it's about feeling good," Common tells "This is the type of music I felt was missing from my body of work." (Click Here to Read the Rest)

I personally CAN'T WAIT to hear the new material, I think this direction would be a pleasant departure from the mellow soul vibe that Finding Forever gave. I mean I would have had to activate my side eye if he came with an album sounding just like the last 2, I absolutely LOVED Be and Finding forever (even though it was a bit moodier than Be) I think its great to see hes not scared to try something new because of his recent crossover success he's had from the last 2 albums.


Nitopio said...

another, common album already. sound like the album going to be great cant wait.

QH said...

Look at my boy Common stealing my girl's/boy's k.d.lang's 2000 album title. Kidding. Common is my lord, and I worship the ground his size eleven feet walk on, I adore all of his albums, and this one should be a good one as well.