Thursday, April 24, 2008

Throwback Thursday

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Another week, another throwback...seems like times flying isnt it?...anyhoo this weeks throwie comes from The Dramatics with their song "Oceans of Thoughts and Dreams" from their 1977 album Shake it Well.

The Dramatics (formerly The Dynamics) were a soul music vocal group, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1962. They changed their name by 1967, when they garnered their first minor hit, "All Because of You." However, the group did not break through until their 1971 single, "Whatcha See Is Watcha Get."

This is my favorite song by the group, many of you may remember the beat but not
know where to place it. Beyonce and her back up singers sampled it for the song "Girl"from their lackluster album Destiny Fulfilled (honestly yall, that album was asthought out and properly executed as an Aretha Franklin work out tape..i canhear papa knowles now sayin CAN WE GET THIS SHIT OUT THE WAY SO BEYONCE CAN DROP!!!)...Anyhoo..ENJOY and share ur thoughts!!!

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