Friday, April 4, 2008

More Mariah and Madge shit...

Cant wait until the 15th to hear the new Mariah album? head on over to and listen to 30 second clips of each track from the album. Since these are only previews im not going to give a review or even a real opinion, that would be unfair, and after all, I want to listen to the all the songs in their entirety before i say I don't like them!..but anyhoo... im just gonna say that so far im digging "O.O.C", "I'll be loving you long time", and ofcourse "Im that Chick" ...which tracks sparked your interest? which songs turned your stomach? coughsideeffectscough... let me know in the comments!

Haven't seen Madonnas new video? check it out

I must say that i actually really like it, energetic and fun..Madonna looks amazing and definitely on the creative side, unlike the song, I love how she breaks it down at the end..She is GETTIN it for 50 isnt she? A visual that DEFINITELY surpasses the song (and yes, i purposely ignored Justin Timberlake...i mean...shouldnt we all?)

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QH said...

I HATE Madonna's new video. It bothers me that her LP had ace videos and music and it was ignored by the U.S. radio, I guess she finally succumbed to the lowest common denomintator. I still be buying that LP and MC's, cause they are still my girls.