Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2007 Movies Rock Peformances

So last week the movies rock special was aired and i must admit, after watching it (only yesterday mind you, told yall ive been busy) i must say that i enjoyed it! and with all the urban acts u could swear up and down it was the soultrain awards circa 1998! loved it!...but heres some of the memorable performances if u guys havent checked them out already...

First off we have miss Jennifer Hudson singing "Somewhere"....now considering that everyone from Barbara Streisand to Aretha Franklin to the homeless man that roams the local circle K has a version of this song..i think Jennifer was the smartest choice to sing this song... with all potential arguments of her possibly shrieking the entire song aside...i dug it

Heres beyonce performing Somewhere Over the Lacefront Rainbow...i think the performance was an overall good one to be honest..nothing to piss the sheets over, but she worked it out and managed to take the attention away from that project runway gone wrong dress she had one..i can hear michael coors now... "I DONT GET IT!"

Head on over to RapUp to view some of the other memorable, and not so memorable, performances of the night...Nicole Scherrtosnbiuzinger singing "Diamonds are a girls bestfriend"? who in the hell authorized that and when did they get fired? geesh!...AND! i would have LOVED to see someone perform "Home" from the Wiz...wouldnt that have been HOT! if they had Mariah galivant her ass onstage and try to sing that? I love MiMi to death but in the past few years her ass has proved shes not the BEST live performer...so i pick her to sing that just because theres a chance her ass might pass out tryna hold the notes *shrugs*

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