Thursday, December 13, 2007

I aint mad atcha bitch!

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Well well well...maybe my judgement the other day about miss Janet was abit too hasty...maybe she knows what shes doing after all, and judging from this new Promo shot of Janet i think she does...I must say that I love being proved wrong by artist I love...This is how i like my Janet..fierce with a side of sass...she can save that homely mess from 20 y.o....Lookin like she was about to goto a Luncheon hosted by Oprah in every damn picture...give me glam! give me sequence! give me wind machines!!!!..Yea the pic is photoshopped to the point where it could be considered an oil painting..BUT she looks fierce....More info is out about the upcoming Janet project which is reportedly titled Discipline and is set to be released the day before MY birthday..the 26th of February..something tells me that month is gonna be something BIG with rumor releases from Madonna and Mariah i think its safe to say February is gonna be Fabuary (sorry i had to do it)

Click Here for my Info on the Upcoming Janet album

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