Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Janet Jackson Isn't

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So by now im sure uve guys heard the new track by Janet that has leaked entitled " "Feedback"
Welp I would have preferred if she would have named the song something abit more suiting to the sound and the overall feel of the record...something along the lines of "fuck effort" or..."my career? who cares"...OR my personal favorite "If So Excited didnt work, why would this?" ...Yup folks, basically this sounds like something that would have went beautifully on 20 Y.O....Im not saying thats a bad thing at all! i actually enjoyed that album more than a few in the past (Damita Jo anyone?)...BUT..I dont think its anything that will make people give a damn let alone buy the new album..kinda like...yanno... the material from 20 Y.O...BUT what do u guys think? hot or not? career saving worthy or album filler?

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