Thursday, December 27, 2007

Throwback Thursday

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Hey readers, I LOVE old school music and truthfully I listen to it more than the popular music of today, so i figured id share some of the stuff i have in heavy rotation with you guys...reminisce, discover new-old music, or just jam out..but either way, every Thursday will bring a different throwback song that Ive been listening to, i figured we gotta get some type of consistency in this joint...By throwback, NO I'm NOT talkin about a SWV song or an old Badboy artist...This week we have Miss Loleatta Holloway with her 1970s hit "Dreamin"...Ive ALWAYS loved the over the top sass of this song, and of course the back up...with lyrics like "I see that look in your eyes when he walks by...I know you wanna touch him but honey don't u try...Cuzz u dont stand a snow balls chance in hell, you'll make out better trying to unring a bell" you CANT HELP but do a neck roll and a finger snap...see...SASS!

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